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Price: Free

Both in our professional and personal lives, we all irrefutably share one common element in this human experience — we all go through our own “hard times,” those experiences where we feel our back is up against the wall, we’re going out of our minds, and our coping mechanisms have all but dried up. Furthermore, when we first encounter our severe hardship, setback, or misfortune, we’re all equally familiar with the signs of overwhelm and shut-down. First comes a sense of panic that eventually gives way to full-fledged “freak out.” Once the initial waves of fear pass, dread and a sense of hopelessness often take up residence. In most cases, we figure out some way to fumble through the tough times, often maneuvering without as much grace as we’d like and leaving a trail of bruised people in our wake.

Have you ever thought there must be some sort of better way to navigate your way through these overwhelming challenges when they strike? Join us in this webinar that will explore how to bolster and harness your inner resiliency, which is defined as the ability or capacity to respond constructively to life’s crises and rebound quickly in the face of hardship or misfortune.

By attending this session, you will:

  • Learn what it takes to change your views and responses in the face of negative experiences
  • Discover how to modify your own reactions to become more self-empowered
  • Add best practices and techniques to your toolkit that can help boost your resiliency
  • Take one step further in learning how to handle your personal “crunch” in the way you desire

Who Should Attend
The target audience for this webinar are organizational leaders and/or managers at any level, team members, and anyone concerned with improving the way they currently manage personally stressful situations.

About The Presenter

Amy Martinez is a former Senior Faculty Member at the Center for Creative Leadership, where she was responsible for working with clients to design and deliver customized organizational and personal leadership development programs. She has a keen professional interest in both resiliency and work-life integration. Prior to joining CCL, Amy worked for a number of organizations, including Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Starbucks Coffee Company, Corbis, Columbia Hospitality, and Nextel in Learning and Development (L&D), Organizational Development (OD), and Operations Management roles.

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