Avoid Nonprofit Burnout With These Strategies to Help You Burn Bright

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About the Webinar

Working in the nonprofit sector means you have a direct impact on people’s lives and on their communities. The work you do matters, and it can be incredibly rewarding — but with long hours, demanding workloads, and often strenuous budgetary concerns, it can be easy to find yourself and your team experiencing nonprofit burnout for the sake of the mission.

The truth is, you can’t give what you don’t have — whether that’s time, energy, or attention. And if the goal is to help others, avoiding nonprofit burnout is critical. You have to create the conditions for you and your team to bring your best selves to work so that you can “burn bright,” instead of burning out.

One of the best ways to avoid nonprofit burnout is to build resilience through regular recharge. So it’s critical for nonprofit leaders to cultivate personal and professional resilience, as well as individual and team practices foster resilience, to ultimately help the community or cause you serve.

Watch this webinar to find out what nonprofit leaders should stop doing now — and start doing instead — to enhance your performance and avoid nonprofit burnout.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar, you’ll learn all about avoiding nonprofit burnout:

  • The reasons behind why those of us in the sector can inadvertently drift towards burnout
  • Why collective resilience strengthens individual resilience, and vice versa
  • Ways to commit to reasonable and replicable individual and team recharge tactics
  • Specific behaviors to stop doing — and things to start doing — to help you and your colleagues avoid nonprofit burnout and “burn brighter” instead

As a nonprofit ourselves, we’re guided by purpose and fueled by passion, and we understand the need for avoiding nonprofit burnout with strong, resilient leaders who are able to support themselves and their teams. Create the conditions for employees to bring their best selves to work with our resilience-building solutions, or partner with our nonprofit leadership experts to help build a more resilient organization for your people, your mission, and the communities you serve.

About the Presenters

Andrea (Andi) Williams

Andrea Williams 
Director, Health Sector Portfolio, Societal Advancement
Center for Creative Leadership

Andrea Williams (Andi) is the Director of the Health Sector Portfolio for CCL’s Societal Advancement Group. She also is a CCL faculty member, designing and delivering transformational leadership development programs. Andi has led work in public health, both in academic and nonprofit settings, for 25 years. Before joining CCL, Andi served as a Research Associate in the Department of Public Health Sciences at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Her personal goal is to improve health outcomes in the United States through the development of health leaders. She has a MAEd in Counseling from Wake Forest University and a BA in economics, with a focus on health economics, also from Wake Forest University.

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