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Cutting-Edge Leadership Research

At CCL, we’ve been conducting original scientific research in the field of leadership development for 50 years. The result? One of the largest leadership research databases in the world and a rich body of evidence-based science used to accelerate leadership performance.

This big-picture, original thinking directly shapes both applied best practices for today’s leadership needs and anticipates and explores theories and practice for the next generation.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes a variety of social scientists, data scientists, statisticians, and product innovators. The team applies the latest scientific methodologies and leadership analytics techniques to produce academic publications, new products and services, thought leadership, and evaluation methodologies for measuring the impact of leadership development.

Our recent leadership research work in neuroscience; equity, diversity and inclusion; and data science has created new knowledge and interventions in research fields like resilience, social identity, and 21st century leadership challenges. Learn more about our latest leadership research.

We Pioneered Leadership Development Research

Over the past 5 decades, our research team has been among the first to create and implement 360 feedback, investigate leader derailment, and research the glass ceiling effect.

As a pioneer of leadership research and development, we’ve created a reliable set of best practices and forged new directions for leaders and what leadership can achieve.

Explore Our Leadership Research

Explore our Executive Outlook report, a compilation of our research team’s latest projects and insights.

Learn more about the latest work of our Leadership Research & Analytics team by visiting cclinnovation.org.

Download Our Executive Outlook Report

Learn more about the work of our Leadership Research & Analytics team and explore insights to help you and your organization face today’s unprecedented challenges. The 2021 edition of our Executive Outlook report is nearly 50 pages of evidence-based findings from our cutting-edge leadership research.

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You can request permission to use our assessment content for your own leadership research, or if we can help use our decades of pioneering leadership development research to craft an evidence-based development solution for your organization, please get in touch!

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