How Leadership Development Powers Engagement and Retention

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3 Keys to Unlock Motivation, Reduce Turnover, and Build a Pipeline of Future Leaders

Employee engagement and retention is near an all-time low, leading many organizations to worry they’re not producing a pipeline of future-ready leaders. Yet most HR and L&D teams say they’re challenged for precious resources like time, budget, and focus.

Building needed skills for the future, from the top to the bottom of your organization, can feel like an impossible task. How can you possibly get quality development into the hands of all employees?

The answer is by implementing a leadership development initiative that can be scaled. A scalable leadership development program is one that can easily be adapted and executed across an organization, regardless of its size or structure.

When implemented effectively and comprehensively, leadership development has the potential to grow individuals and transform the entire organization from being one that merely meets its objectives into one that excels. The best-performing organizations intimately tie their business strategy to their leadership development strategy.

Our white paper explains 3 keys to unlocking employee engagement and retention:

  • Focus on individual and organizational purpose;
  • Prepare your workforce to navigate change; and
  • Scale leadership development opportunities to nurture and prepare future leaders while also helping with employee engagement and retention.

Download our white paper today and start your journey toward building a stronger talent pipeline through scalable development that supports both engagement and retention.

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Download our white paper to learn how to unlock motivation, reduce turnover, and build employee engagement and retention with a scalable leadership development program.

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March 17, 2023
About the Author(s)
Mary Abraham
Mary Abraham is the Senior Director of Programs & Products at CCL. Mary utilizes her unique blend of skills in technology and business to propel CCL’s digital products business, including the CCL Passport™ leadership subscription. Her team is responsible for CCL’s portfolio of programs and products, bringing the highest quality, transformational experiences to clients. Mary also serves as a mentor for CCL’s custom women’s leadership programs.
Jeff Howard
Jeff currently serves as Vice President of Global Portfolio & Leadership Solutions. Over his 25-year career at CCL, he has brought his passion and experience to building new business lines, marketing, and product development and management. From 2016-2020, Jeff led the explosive growth of our global licensing, international affiliate, and digital learning businesses as Director of Global Learning Products. This team’s innovations make CCL research, experience, and expertise accessible and scalable through licensing, digital learning, workshops, assessments, toolsets, and publications. In 2020, Jeff co-led efforts to adapt our portfolio of leadership solutions to meet the unprecedented needs of our clients during the global pandemic — helping to continue our mission of advancing leadership for the benefit of society worldwide.
Stephanie Trovas
Stephanie Trovas is the Global Director, Product Development for CCL and leads a team to help develop products and solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the learning and development field, she has designed, facilitated and managed numerous human-centered leadership solutions with a focus on impact and application to make the learning stick. Stephanie has worked extensively with individuals and organizations from a variety of industries, organizational functions, and countries with a focus on senior leaders and what it takes to lead functions, divisions, and business units.

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