Conversational Skills Training

Your organizational culture is created and fortified through conversations. Build a better culture with conversational skills training solutions.

  • Strengthen workplace conversations through conversational skills training that fosters candor, openness, and respect.
  • Break down silos and barriers and help your team become better listeners and more effective communicators.
  • Build a strong foundation for any organizational change or leadership development initiative.
  • Develop a common leadership language and scale a feedback-rich culture at your organization.

Our Better Conversations Every Day™ Suite of Conversational Skills Training Programs

Enable key leaders to serve as internal champions for better workplace conversations at your organization. Our Better Conversations Every Day™ program is a proven conversational skills training that’s simple, practical, memorable, and motivating — fostering capability for developmental feedback and building a culture rooted in psychological safety and trust.

  • Can be taken live online; customized for your organization; or licensed via train-the-trainer

  • A brief, immersive, and transformative experience for employees at all levels

Offered by request only, this coach training for leaders goes beyond the basics to build champions for conversational skills at your organization, honing the leadership skills needed to ask the right questions, encourage exploration, build trust, listen actively, and offer effective feedback.

Better Conversations & Coaching helps participants grow their coaching skills and learn how to have better conversations, giving them the confidence and competence needed to make an impact on those they lead.

  • Advanced options available for alumni

Cascade better workplace conversations across your entire organization. Our Better Conversations Every Day™ program can be delivered to your organization either live online or in person, or we can license the content and train you to deliver, accommodating large cohorts of participants at once.

  • Available as a self-paced online course, or as a set of 4 one-hour workshops
  • Proven way to scale conversational skills training across your organization, helping lay a strong foundation for any enterprise-wide change or leadership development initiative

Workplace Conversations Are Directly Linked to Culture

Would You Rather Have Better Conversations Every Day, or Difficult Conversations Occasionally?

How can we create an environment that attracts, retains, develops, nurtures, and optimizes all talent — one that allows all leaders to show up as the best versions of themselves, in order to have the skillsets and mindsets to shape a better future?

Organizations must cultivate an environment of psychological safety — and the best way to do it is through the way people communicate.

Better Conversations Are a Business Imperative

The true picture of an organization’s culture shows through in the conversations. High-quality workplace conversations are built on courage and candor, lead to action and accountability, and yield better strategies — producing a more adaptable, resilient culture. In contrast, ineffective conversations demotivate talent and impede organizational success.

No matter the size of your organization, working to strengthen conversational skills and increase access to coaching conversations will help drive better business outcomes and equip your leaders to be more successful, particularly in today’s new hybrid work environment.

Conversational Skills Training in 4 Essential Areas

Conversation is simple — but not easy. It takes practice to hold highly effective, efficient, emotionally intelligent conversations. Things like ego, emotions, and a host of other challenges can get in the way and derail collaboration. This can be an even bigger issue with geographically dispersed, hybrid teams.

Having better conversations changes lives — it can strengthen relationships; unlock team performance; accelerate a feedback-rich, inclusive organizational culture; even act as a catalyst for societal change.

Fortunately, people can learn how to have better conversations. Our research has found that leaders who practice these 4 core conversational skills are rated as more effective by their superiors than those who don’t:

Listening to Understand

Asking Powerful Questions

Challenging & Supporting

Establishing Accountability

Our Better Conversations Every Day™ suite of solutions teaches participants these 4 core behaviors, helping individuals learn how to hold better workplace conversations with teammates, wherever they’re located — while being scalable enough to support enterprise-wide culture change.

Better Questions Make Better Workplace Conversations

When people across your organization have good conversational skills, your organizational culture is stronger — especially in today’s hybrid work context. It all starts with asking powerful questions — because powerful questions lead to powerful conversations, creating better outcomes.

Let’s Discuss Conversational Skills Training for Your Organization

Our experts are here to help. Let’s discuss how to have better conversations start happening across your organization. Together, we’ll lay a strong foundation for addressing any enterprise change or leadership development initiative and help you unlock the full potential of your organization.

Better Workplace Conversations: Research & Resources

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You don’t have to be a coach to use these 6 active listening techniques. Go beyond active listening and truly listen to understand, turning a casual chat into a coaching conversation.

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Leaders are often held accountable for developing others, but may not know how to do it well. Coaching others is key for leaders. Strengthen these 4 conversational skills, and you’ll coach people more effectively.

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Whether in a planned coaching session or just an impromptu moment, you can open the door to valuable learning just by doing these 3 things in the conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workplace Conversational Skills Training

To improve your conversational skills, you must learn the core skills for coaching others, including 1) listening to understand, 2) asking powerful questions, 3) challenging and supporting, and 4) establishing next steps and accountability. Always listen carefully, respond thoughtfully, and resist imposing your own solution. Our Better Conversations Every Day™ suite of conversational skills training solutions is designed to help you build a positive, successful, and feedback-rich culture across your entire organization.

To implement conversational skills in the workplace, organizations must create a culture of feedback and candor by scaling coaching conversation skills. Organizations will want to develop core skills for everyone, link coaching outcomes to the business, recognize and reward coaching behaviors, and more. 

To have better conversations in the workplace, you must listen closely, ask questions, challenge and support, and establish next steps and accountability. Leader-coaches should aim to have a safe, trusting, and productive space for coaching conversations. Learn more about what it takes to coach your people

To improve coaching skills, it’s important to invest in coaching and conversational skills training solutions for your organization. This will help your people forge a common leadership language and build a positive culture of feedback and candor across your entire organization. 

Our conversation training solutions will teach 4 core conversations skills, which include listening to understand, asking powerful questions, challenging and supporting, and establishing accountability. Based on our research, leaders who practice these skills are rated as more effective by their superiors as compared to those who don’t.

More questions? Our experts are here to help. Let’s have a conversation!