Better Conversations & Coaching

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful leadership — at every level, in any function.

That’s why every leader at your organization needs to be able to coach, give feedback, and ignite better conversations. Without effective communication, employee performance, employee engagement, talent retention, and business execution are at risk. Leadership coaching training can boost every leader’s coaching confidence and competence.

“This program shines a light on the true intentions and impact of coaching conversations.”

Roshini Muralidharan - CCL

Roshini Muralidharan

Training Project & Facilitation Specialist
Magellan Midstream Partners


Employees at all levels who are seeking to build coaching skills




5 half days


Live instructor-led, with executive coach


Faculty-to-participant ratio: 1:4


Program Experience

Give Leaders the Skills and Confidence to Become Master Communicators

Our leadership coaching program is appropriate for anyone who wants to build coaching skills; improve trust, communication, and engagement with their team; or champion the development of a coaching culture within their organization.

By working in small groups led by a dedicated mentor, participants at this leadership coaching training develop a personal communication and coaching style that works for them and their teams and learn a simple, practical, scalable coaching model.

What Participants Learn in Our Coach Training for Leaders

As a result of participating in this leadership coaching program, participants will be able to:

  • More effectively give feedback and develop others;
  • Refine their own coaching skills;
  • Motivate employees to increase engagement and build trust;
  • Improve peer relationships and practices;
  • Spread a coaching mindset throughout the organization so everyone has access to coaching conversations; and
  • Create a resilient organization better prepared to handle challenges.

Why Choose Our Leadership Coaching Program?

Better Conversations & Coaching goes beyond the basics. This specialized leadership coaching training program gives participants the confidence and competence needed to lead intentional coaching conversations.

  • Small groups of 4, led by an expert coach, provide the focus, support, and feedback needed.
  • Self-evaluation, along with facilitator, coach, and video feedback, enable participants to identify strengths and hone development areas.
  • Practice of real-world coaching and communication challenges with an expert makes the learning from this program more relevant and applicable than role-playing fictional stories.

Take Your Leadership Coaching Training to the Next Level

After completing Better Conversations & Coaching Level 1, you can expand your coaching skills even more through our advanced program, Better Conversations & Coaching Level 2 (BCC2). Please note that BCC2 is offered only as a custom program for client organizations, and completion of Level 1 is a mandatory prerequisite for participation in BCC2.

Better Conversations & Coaching Level 1

Location Tuition
Online - Global $4,200 USD
Americas $4,200 USD
APAC $6,380 SGD
EMEA €3,800 EUR*

*Excludes VAT.

Alternative Options & Formats:

Additional training?
After you complete this specialized coach training for leaders, you may want to continue on to advance your coaching skills to the next level. This program is a prerequisite for Better Conversations & Coaching Level 2, which provides deeper leadership coaching training and more advanced skills practice, and is offered only as a custom program for client organizations. Contact us to inquire.

Multiple participants?
Scale-up options are available for organizations wishing to build a coaching culture of feedback by equipping their people to hold better conversations, customizing or licensing this program, or running the full program on-site. Contact us for more details.

What Our Alumni Are Saying

Alumni of our leadership coaching training program consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us made a significant impact on their leadership and professional growth, and they’re grateful for the life-changing opportunity.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs.

“Such an amazing coaching program that helps participants build the fundamentals. Experienced facilitators and coaches provide a wonderful learning experience that is both fun and educational. I highly recommend this course for HR professionals and business leaders.”

Heather Amaral

Sr. HR Business Partner
Blue Origin

“This course will change the way you think about showing up for your colleagues, direct reports, and team. We’re often moving so fast we forget it’s a gift to be a listener – for yourself and the person talking. Improving that one practice has the potential to change the world and certainly your organization and team culture!”

Leigh Ann Hall

Managing Director
Share Our Strength

“The attention to detail you gain in the practice sessions is immeasurable to having more meaningful conversations. I am impressed how intimate the conversations became in such a short time.”

Rod Smith 

Assistant Professor 
Air Force Academy 

“This course is an accelerator to understanding how you listen and engage conversations and move to not merely towards solutions, but to a practice of deepening trust through conversation.”

Dalissa Vargas

Senior Director of Development
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice

Impact of Our Leadership Coaching Training

What participants said about Better Conversations & Coaching, our leadership coaching training program:

1 %
were able to make meaningful connections
1 %
were better able to ask powerful questions
1 %
found the course easy to access and navigate

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