Educational Leadership (K-12)

Creating a Culture Where Learning Comes First

Transformational school leadership training for better classrooms and stronger schools, and communities.

Effective leadership is invaluable, both in the classroom and in the workforce. And strong educational leadership directly impacts student success.

Yet educational leaders are often tasked with producing results with limited funds and competing demands. Leadership training for educators can help you to build a more trusting and inclusive culture where learning occurs every day and more collaborative relationships in your school, district, or community.

Whatever your challenge, investing in high-quality, research-based educational leadership training will help you improve outcomes, both for individual students and for your entire school, organization, or region.

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. And students need more than traditional academic skills to succeed — they need a strong sense of self and the ability to collaborate with others to meet the complex challenges of our rapidly changing world. Integrating youth leadership development into classrooms and school cultures enhances a student’s holistic growth and social-emotional leadership.

At CCL, we’re proud of our educational leadership development work with students, faculty, principals, schools, districts, associations, and higher education institutions. Many of our youth leadership programs and initiatives offering top-notch leadership training for educators and principals, and are funded through partnerships with foundations for philanthropic leadership.

Strengthening Educational Leaders & Building Youth Leadership Capacity

Educational leadership roles present unique challenges at every level. Honing leadership skills for principals and headmasters is important because they must manage hiring and evaluating teachers, communicating with parents, keeping standardized test scores up, budgeting and fundraising, and creating a school environment where a diverse range of students can thrive.

Superintendents and association heads must act as CEOs, change agents, and managers. Their actions shape the lives of thousands of future adults.

At CCL, we understand these challenges and offer educational leadership programs for every facet of K-12 education. 

youth leadership
leadership training for educators

Partnering for Youth Leadership Development & Educational Leadership

Whether you need to develop leadership capacity across your faculty or district, advance leadership skills for principals and headmasters, or offer budding student leaders youth leadership development, we have research-based educational leadership programs and school leadership training programs that are designed to deliver classroom success.

Our evidence-backed professional leadership training for educators uses credentialed, relevant, and unique programming designed to deliver classroom success and build collaborative relationships in your school, district, or community. We offer practical youth and educational leadership solutions in every price range.

K-12 Leadership Training for Educators: Choose the Solution That's Right for You

Partner with us for a customized educational leadership solution. We’ll work to understand your culture and needs and help you get the greatest possible return on investment in your school or organization.

Using our extensive research, a discovery process, and a combination of talent diagnostic tools and assessments, we can do a deep dive into your people, your organizational priorities, and your staff engagement levels to help inform your investments in your workforce and students to ensure you see ROI.

  • Provides a clear understanding of the impact of your investment in educational leadership

Develop a common leadership language across your institution, giving everyone a common leadership language and understanding of expectations.

We offer a variety of time-tested, proven leadership topic modules to help you upskill your team.

Choices especially suited to educators include effective leadership through Direction, Alignment, and Commitment, and Feedback That Works. We can deliver this content — or you can.

  • Proven content modules can be used standalone or combined into a customized learning journey

Starting from the transformative premise that better culture starts with better conversations, our suite of coaching and conversational skills solutions can help you strengthen the fabric of your entire organization and community.

Build and scale conversational skills for more candid and productive conversations, more effective solutions to your challenges, and a stronger, more psychologically safe culture of feedback at your educational institution.

  • Human-centered, research-based development experience
  • Scalable options across large populations
  • Transformational, lasting impact

What Our School Leadership Training Clients Are Saying

At CCL, we measure success by lives touched and impact made. That’s why the organizations we work with and the leaders we transform consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us is a game-changer. These organizations’ investments in strengthening education leadership have impacted thousands of lives in hundreds of communities.

But don’t just take our word for it – take theirs.

Surry County Schools North Carolina logo
Ravenscroft logo
Milton Hershey School logo
Fairfax County Public Schools logo
Vermont Principals' Assocation logo - VPA partnered with CCL to improve principal retention through the Waddington leadership development program

“Can I just say that I love CCL? I love the impact it has made on me personally and professionally. I love how it fits perfectly with educational philosophy and globalization. I love that you mean what you say and you say what you mean. I love the footprint CCL is making on the Ravenscroft community.”

Ravenscroft School Faculty Member

Transforming K-12 Education Through Leadership Development

“The Vermont Principals’ Association has supported learners and leaders for over 100 years. This gift allows us to realize the goal of providing high-level leadership development to all Vermont principals regardless of school size or budget capacity. We’re excited to partner with CCL and like-minded leadership organizations in Vermont.”

Ken Page
Executive Director
Vermont Principals’ Association

Waddington Endowment Funds Leadership Development & Drastically Increases Principal Retention

“This has been one of the best leadership development courses I have experienced in my 25 years of education. The course made me grow as a superintendent, leader, father, and husband. The program makes you reflect on who you are as a person and provides peer support to help you grow in weak areas. I would recommend this training for any new or seasoned superintendent. Awesome experience!”

Dr. David Hall
District Superintendent, Pre-K–12
Oberlin, OH, City Schools

“I am at a point in my career where my role has shifted and I need to think about supporting principals in a new way. My experience at CCL with the Margaret Waddington Leadership Initiative was very timely and helped me think about a reset as an educator. I’m excited about this opportunity for continued growth!”

Bonnie Johnson-Aten
Principal Supervisor
Margaret Waddington Institute for School Leaders Program Alumna

Impact of Our Partnerships for Youth & Leadership Training for Educators

What participants said about our youth leadership programs and leadership training for educators:

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Meet Our Educational Leadership Experts

Greg Cameron

Greg Cameron

Portfolio Director & Senior Faculty

Greg has an extensive background in nonprofit and educational leadership effectiveness, program design, development, and delivery. He is an internationally recognized expert in developing collective efficacy and organizational collaboration. At CCL, he leverages his experience to lead statewide K-12 leadership development initiatives and design development programs in partnership with school districts, universities, professional associations, and nonprofits.

Marin Burton

Marin Burton

Senior Faculty

With over 20 years of experience as a trainer and experiential educator, Marin has worked with a wide variety of organizations, including schools, colleges, and nonprofit organizations. Since joining CCL, she has focused on incorporating leadership development into the organizational culture. Marin has also taught undergraduate and graduate courses on the theory, philosophy, and practice of experiential education. In her faculty role, she delivers some of our educational leadership programs.

Susan Reinecke

Susan Reinecke


Susan has over 20 years of experience working in and with public and private schools, colleges, universities, and nonprofits across the U.S. She has taught at both the university and community college level and has held multiple leadership roles within the educational system. Her experiences as a professional educator and school leader give her an insider’s perspective of the rewards and challenges improving educational systems. She strongly believes that educational leadership is both a science and an art.

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Educational Leadership Development: Research, Resources & Partnerships

Frequently Asked Questions About Our School Leadership Training

Leadership training for educators can help create a more trusting and inclusive culture where learning happens every day. Additionally, our research-backed leadership training helps educators foster more collaborative relationships in schools, districts, and communities overall. When you integrate leadership development into classrooms and schools, it enhances the leadership capacity of superintendents, principals, headmasters, and teachers, while at the same time supporting the holistic growth and social-emotional leadership of students. 

School leadership training is important because it strengthens educational leaders, enhances leadership skills for principals, administrators, and staff, and builds youth leadership capacity within faculties and districts. Investments in educational leadership development can help improve learning outcomes for entire communities. 

At the Center for Creative Leadership, our evidence-based professional leadership training helps build leadership skills for principals by leveraging credentialed, relevant, and personalized programming that’s designed to deliver classroom success and build collaborative relationships in schools, districts, and communities. We understand the unique challenges that principals and headmasters face, like managing and hiring teachers, fundraising, and keeping standardized test scores up, so we have tailored our programs to develop the leadership skills needed to tackle these issues head-on.

More questions? Our experts are here to help. Let’s have a conversation!

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