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Your Leadership Journey Never Stops

Today’s workforce is changing rapidly. And the key to finding opportunity in the face of change is leadership. The kind of leadership that embraces change and drives results isn’t static — it’s a journey. We’ve made it our mission to help further your journey, because at CCL, we believe leadership never stops.

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You need direction, alignment, and commitment (DAC) to make leadership happen in your group or organization. Learn more about our DAC framework and how leadership is a social process to foster more of it in your group or organization.

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How do people learn to be effective leaders? According to over 30 years of research, 3 types of experiences help leaders learn and grow. Learn about the classic 70-20-10 framework for leadership development.

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Our alumni consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us made a lasting impact, and they’re grateful for the opportunity.

If you feel that way too, help us increase access to our life-changing programs. We provide program scholarships for leaders who are making a difference in their communities, and with your help, we can share our transformational leadership development experiences with deserving community leaders in nonprofit, public health, K–12, or collegiate settings — helping to create results that matter for us all.

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