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Engage your leaders in transformative leadership training online that fits their needs and your organization’s goals.

Our innovative online leadership programs, courses, and tools develop critical skills that advance individuals, teams, and organizations around the world.

Browse our portfolio of options, including live online leadership programs for your leaders at every level, moderated online leadership courses, and self-directed online learning & support tools. Not sure which is right for you? Check out our FAQ.

Live Online Leadership Programs

Our live online leadership training programs are immersive, intimate, and unforgettable learning experiences that deliver our world-class, research-based, leadership skill-building programs in an interactive virtual classroom format.

Just as with our in-person courses, our live online leadership programs build real connections in an online environment. Expert instructors guide participants through engaging exercises with the full class and convene smaller group interactions in virtual breakout rooms.

Client and participant feedback reveal similar levels of impact and satisfaction in our leadership courses online as with our face-to-face programs.

Support your high-potential managers of people and projects so they have the skills they need to succeed with this transformative leadership program, available online or in-person.

Grow the skills needed for leading from the middle successfully. With 100K+ alumni, LDP is the longest-running leadership development program in the world, and is now available online.

Develop the fundamental 4 competencies  most essential for success with this scalable online leadership training course.

Prepare managers of hybrid, virtual, and remote teams to lead effectively with this online-only leadership program.

Provide senior leaders with tools to craft organizational strategy and alignment in this executive online leadership course.

Strengthen your culture and scale coaching skills across your entire organization with this coaching conversations program available online, in-person, or via licensing.

Build skills at communication, giving feedback, and holding coaching conversations with this coach training for leaders, offered online and face-to-face.

Deliver critical skills that advance your team or organization in quick, small doses. Support your leaders with an immersive 4-hour online leadership training experience on key topics.

Moderated Online Leadership Courses

Our moderated online leadership courses allow organizations to scale delivery of training and enable individuals to learn at their own pace, but with added support. Participants enjoy access to a CCL leadership expert as their moderator and a network of fellow participants to further enhance and enrich the experience.

Harness the power of 360° feedback at your organization with this online leadership course — required to administer, interpret, and facilitate our portfolio of industry-leading assessments.

Scale development for your frontline and first-level managers with this online leadership class that teaches the critical skills needed to succeed when leading others.

Support your team and create conditions for peak performance with our online leadership course for resilience-building. This program will help your leaders burn bright, instead of burning out.

Self-Directed Online Leadership Training & Support Tools

Our self-directed online leadership training solutions let your leaders take full control of their own learning journey and schedule. They can spend time on development at their own pace — no matter where they are, or what device they’re using.

Support your newly promoted managers (or those preparing to move into a first-level manager role) with this online leadership course that helps them shift into the mindset of a people leader.

Give your busy leaders a mobile-first, data-driven online leadership development solution powered by AI and featuring instant advice on leadership challenges and topics to help them improve. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

At CCL, we measure success by lives touched and impact made. That’s why the organizations we work with and the leaders we transform consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us is a game-changer. We’ve helped thousands of organizations use online leadership training to take their development efforts to a deeper and more sustainable level.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs. 

“CCL’s online leadership training program was a rich and valuable opportunity for me to learn more about my skills through the use of assessments and self-reflection, to safely explore my vulnerabilities by connecting with other leaders, and to walk away with the tools to build and grow a high performing team.”

Nancy Micca
Executive Director
Family Support Network of Central Carolina

“I recently attended CCL’s online leadership training program, The Leading Strategically Experience, and I really enjoyed it and got so much out of it. The balance between self-paced work and the virtual classroom work was awesome, and the resources were amazing – I still use them quite a bit and it’s been over 6 months since I went through the program.”

Anita Greenland
VP of Learning Experience
The Brooks Group

“I would recommend attending CCL’s online leadership course because there are concrete examples that can be used to improve virtual teams. I walked away with specific and actionable tasks to do today and in the future to improve the virtual team experience.”

Elizabeth Monroe
Operations Manager

“I can describe CCL’s e-learning platform as an enrichment tool with value addition to my mindset, future development insights, career improvement, and leadership skills of integrating creative and innovative techniques in various working environments.”

Hanan Al-Harthi
Sr. Planning Engineer & Training and Development Coordinator
Galfar Engineering & Contracting

Custom Online Leadership Training Programs

Design your own unique online leadership training by using timely topics for development and combining them into a customized sequence to engage your entire organization and enact real change.

Create self-awareness, provide support, help drive transformational change, and reinforce the learning from online leadership programs and solutions with our world-class leadership coaching services, available from anywhere, virtually.

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Online Leadership Training: Research & Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Online Leadership Development

Yes! Our online leadership courses incorporate deliberate design for impact and engagement, authentic connection with peers and facilitators, and vibrant, immersive experiences — 3 keys to ensuring retention and amplifying the benefits of online leadership training. We’ve found it’s important to include these elements in each of our online learning experiences to help leaders of all levels develop their management and leadership skills in a virtual format.

There are many benefits to online leadership development, including increased accessibility, improved efficiency, deliberate engagement, reduced environmental impact, and more. Without the time and logistics of traveling, online learning offers participants the opportunity to maximize learning in the limited time they have to prioritize development. To learn more about the benefits of virtual programs, read our article 8 Unexpected Benefits of Online Training for Leadership Development.

Whether participants prefer to be in a physical or virtual setting, our leadership development programs are intentionally designed to provide an impactful learning experience. Both types of program settings are designed to engage participants with interactive, human-centered learning. And participant satisfaction with our live online leadership programs matches that of our face-to-face programs.

Our live online courses are delivered in an interactive virtual classroom format that involves participants engaging in real-time exercises and small group interactions with fellow participants and trained facilitators and coaches. Our moderated online leadership courses allow participants to learn at their own pace and are not delivered in a live format, but rather asynchronously. However, participants still get access to a CCL leadership expert and a network of fellow participants to further enhance the learning experience.

Our online leadership programs are delivered in a variety of formats. Some are offered live online, some are moderated online, and others are in a self-directed and self-paced format. Live online virtual programs are delivered in an interactive virtual classroom where participants learn and engage with one another in real time. Moderated online courses aren’t delivered in a live format, but rather asynchronously, giving participants access to a CCL leadership expert and network of fellow participants to interact with and learn from. Our self-directed online leadership courses and tools enable participants to learn completely at their own pace, no matter where they are located.

While there’s no one online program that’s better than the rest, each of our trainings is designed for specific leader levels and needs. For new or first-level leaders, we recommend the Frontline Leader Impact course. You can help prepare mid-level managers to effectively lead hybrid and remote teams with The Effective Leader online program. And if your goal is to enhance strategic thinking and broaden perspectives for senior leaders, explore The Leading Strategically Experience.

We also offer a range of online trainings designed for leaders of all levels, including Better Conversations Every Day™, Better Conversations & Coaching, and The Resilience Advantage. Not sure which program is right for you or your team? Contact us and our team of experts will help connect you with the best online leadership courses for your needs.

More questions? Our experts are here to help. Let’s have a conversation!

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