Building a Culture of Learning and Leadership at Scale With Online Training for Frontline Leaders

BeyondTrust CCL
LOCATION:Headquartered in Johns Creek (Atlanta), GA with 16 office locations across 9 countries
SIZE:Approximately 900 employees

Client Profile & Challenge

BeyondTrust is a cyber-security company intent on revolutionizing the way the world secures and manages privileged access to information. The company, which is the worldwide leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM) with more than 20,000 customers (including 70% of the Fortune 500) focuses on empowering organizations to improve cybersecurity and operational efficiency.

After a series of acquisitions, BeyondTrust recognized many people within the organization were put into leadership positions without much prior development – a concept we refer to as “accidental leaders.” They also lacked a common leadership lexicon that could be applied in day-to-day work. The organization wanted to build and reinforce a culture of learning as well as instill the foundational competencies required to lead others.

BeyondTrust needed a leadership development experience that would be the first step in level-setting how all of their managers would lead. “As a global organization, we needed a solution that was not just virtual, but inclusive, self-paced, and of course one that would make a lasting impact,” says Laura Edwards-Lassner, Senior Director of Talent Management at BeyondTrust.

Beyond Trust builds a culture of learning and leadership with CCL's Frontline Leader Impact

Solution & Results

BeyondTrust partnered with us to run a pilot of our Frontline Leader Impact (FLI) virtual program for BeyondTrust’s HR team and other key leaders at different levels across the organization. “The course was 6 weeks and covered the areas we felt were important for our global leaders – including self-awareness, learning agility, communication, political savvy, influencing outcomes, and motivating others,” says Edwards-Lassner.

The pilot was so well received that 2 additional global, cross-functional cohorts were quickly scheduled. In the second year of the initiative, 100% of the Executive Leadership Team and over 90% of BeyondTrust’s managers will have completed FLI. To enrich the learning and make it even more impactful for their leaders – and relevant to their business – we developed additional elements in and around the core FLI experience for the new cohorts. Highly engaged FLI graduates were assigned as Team Leads for each cohort, which included employees from the C-level to frontline leaders. These Team Leads held weekly live, interactive conversations with teams from each of the cohorts. “These discussions further pushed our global cross-functional mission and made the entire experience more interesting. I believe this individualized approach has made all the difference,” says Edwards-Lassner. “One of our values is accountability and this has really nurtured that in our leaders.”

As this large-scale initiative continues, BeyondTrust’s top company leaders are making it a priority to embrace FLI practices and language, and they continue to see tangible results. The company has experienced an increase in manager performance and engagement, and a decrease in voluntary attrition, as graduates model the new culture of leadership and professional development. The majority of participants reported FLI was more engaging than other online programs they’ve taken, and the buzz about it is beginning to spread as employees want to know how they can be a part of the next cohort. BeyondTrust plans to continue to roll out FLI to 100 more managers and high potential non-managers in the year following the publishing of this case study.

Impact of FLI on BeyondTrust Leaders

  • Learners maintained high levels of engagement,
  • Encouraged a new way of thinking about leadership,
  • Increased global and cross-functional discussions,
  • Generated a positive shift in change management, and
  • Participants expressed enthusiasm for the opportunity.
Percentage of participants indicating that they have already used — or will use very soon — the following information learned in the program:
Motivating Others

Participants Say

“We are now more nimble, more resilient, and able to pivot and change to better serve our customers. Relationships have been formed and strengthened across the business, globally.”

Laura Edwards-Lassner

Senior Director of Talent Management

“As the CEO of a diverse global technology firm, I found the FLI course to be timely, relevant, and useful. I believe it will provide a common language/methodology to connect all of our leaders across the world.”

Matt Dircks

CEO & Board Member

“We’re going to have all new managers go through FLI as part of their onboarding process. We also plan to create additional leadership development experiences that will build on the foundation FLI has established.”

Mark Rankin


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