Leadership in Technology Fields

Amplify Innovation Breakthroughs With the Human Element of Leadership in Technology

As a top global provider, we can help you develop highly effective technical leaders at all levels of your organization.

Are your organization’s leaders faced with solving highly technical challenges? Are they leading enterprise-wide digital transformation? Is your business building a pipeline of technical leaders for future roles?

Effective leadership in technology roles and fields requires more than just technical skills. Successful leaders in tech create support for their digital agendas by driving change and developing a culture and pipeline of talent that will compete, grow, and innovate. Your organization can generate growth by focusing on the core skills technology leaders must master to drive team effectiveness and the right leadership culture for your organization.

Our cutting-edge research has uncovered a core set of challenges faced by technical leaders at all levels, including achieving results; negotiation and conflict resolution; flexibility and adaptability; influencing across the organization; leading in a dynamic work environment; leading strategy; managing people and projects; and talent management.

Today’s technology leaders must develop effective communication skills and understand how to build collaborative relationships. Effective leaders in tech need strong people skills to drive key organizational initiatives. Our team of data scientists and leadership experts can help you develop your technical leaders and build an agile team and organization.

Choose Among Our Research-Based Leadership Development Solutions for Technology Leaders

Partner with us to build a leadership program to strengthen soft skills and build needed competencies among your technical leaders to solve for the most complex organizational challenges facing your organization.

Create an exclusive, research-based solution tailored to develop stronger technical leaders at all levels. Prioritize and solve immediate and long-term goals with a custom leadership plan. Learn to leverage your talent as your competitive advantage with tech leadership training.

  • Focus on core challenges that technology leaders must overcome and competencies required to be successful in driving organizational change and innovation

Use the power of data analytics to target your investments in your people for maximum impact — and maximum ROI.

Our Leadership Analytics experts can help you uncover new insights, connect the dots, and develop evidence-based action plans that deliver impactful returns. We can assist you in identifying the specific leader behaviors and practices needed to not only drive your strategies, but to motivate and align your workforce in support of them.

  • Track the impact of your leadership development investments, make informed course corrections, and hold leaders at all levels accountable for results

Whether you want your team to communicate more effectively across differences, align behaviors with beliefs, or address unconscious bias, this program can equip everyone at your organization — from the front desk to the corner office — to hold better conversations every day

We can partner with you to strengthen coaching and conversation skills across your organization through a lens of building a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive culture.

  • Scale a more inclusive, psychologically safe culture of feedback to increase equity and inclusion and unlock the power of diversity

What Our Clients in Technology Roles Are Saying

At CCL, we measure success by lives touched and impact made. That’s why the organizations we work with and the leaders we transform consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us is a game-changer. The technical leaders we’ve worked with with at these organizations have gone on to impact their teams and transformed their cultures.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs.

BeyondTrust CCL
Blended learning prepares leaders around the world
Ingersoll Rand
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“As the CEO of a diverse global technology firm, I found the FLI course to be timely, relevant, and useful. I believe it will provide a common language/methodology to connect all of our leaders across the world.”

BeyondTrust CCL

Matt Dircks

CEO & Board Member

“One of the challenges we were faced with was, how do you change behavior with a learning experience that’s completely virtual? CCL was up for the challenge of delivering a leadership development solution completely virtually.”

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Angela Spears

Learning Consultant
Pitney Bowes

Impact of Our Partnerships to Build More Effective Technical Leaders

What participants in our technology leadership development programs said about their experiences with us:

1 %
would recommend the course to others
1 %
have been able to apply program lessons at work
1 %
say they’re more effective as a leader

Meet Our Team of Technology Leadership Development Experts

Chris Beckert

Chris Beckert

Leadership Solutions Partner, Global Markets

With over 30 years of experience in the field, Chris designs and delivers specialized leadership development journeys and solutions for both public and private sector organizations. His expertise includes innovation, leading digital transformation, strategy development and execution, executive team development, organizational development, crisis leadership, and talent development.

Liora Gross

Liora Gross

Global Head, Leading Digital Transformation Practice

Liora heads our Digital Transformation practice, helping clients accelerate their digital strategy through leadership development and culture transformation. She assists in growing leaders and organizations that embrace opportunities for growth, innovation, and digital integration in many industries, such as IT, telecomms, electronics, semiconductors, and retail.

Stephen Jeong

Stephen B. Jeong (SJ), PhD

Senior Analytics Faculty, Insights & Impact

As senior faculty in our Leadership Analytics practice, SJ helps leaders and organizations understand the answer to the question of which leader behavior or behaviors will yield the greatest ROI with respect to their impact on their people, culture, and business? His former clients include Google, Monster Worldwide, AECOM, and REI, as well as dozens of high-tech startups.

Felix Sablan

Felix Sablan

Director, Strategic Business Partners, Americas

Felix is a former vice president of development in healthcare and most recently consulted with Fortune 500 clients on enterprise talent pathway strategies and high-touch SaaS solutions. An entrepreneur, Felix also created and developed Islander Elevation, a nationally recognized mobile app advocating for workforce development for minority leaders.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Strategic Business Partner

Mike has over 2 decades of experience in a variety of leadership roles in the tech industry. He cofounded an entrepreneurial startup and led marketing and business development in a Fortune 100 company. He now partners with our clients to help them align their people development strategy with their enterprise business strategy and shape the leadership culture required to drive organizational performance.

Dana Washington

Dana Washington

Strategic Business Partner

Dana has successfully partnered with many of our top Fortune 500 technology clients, including U.S. and global SaaS, PaaS, telecom, and semiconductor companies. She incorporates a deep understanding of her client’s business needs and industry challenges to help create leadership solutions and experiences that increase the tech leader’s ability to be innovative, to be inclusive, and to improve their impact and results.

Connect with Our Technology Leadership Experts Today

We’re here to help. Prioritize the development of your people — by partnering with us to create a human-centered approach for building stronger technical leaders at your organization.

Technology Leadership: Research & Resources

More About Leadership in Technology Fields

Build a Leadership Culture That’s Agile & Resistant to Disruption

Many of the challenges to leadership in the technology industry are data-driven, regulatory, ethical, and innovation-based. Yet often, the greatest challenge of all is organizational culture.

As the world changes, your organization must shift to new ways of working. In order to successfully continue to innovate, your organization must take a balanced approach to business, technology, and the development of the people leading the change.

The ever-changing demand for specific technical skills can bring about rapid change and growth — as well as high staff turnover. Your organization can create longevity and stability through executive team development, strengthening people skills among technical leaders, and building a culture that can address today’s challenges head-on and adapt quickly to whatever comes next.

leadership training in tech with the Center for Creative Leadership
tech leadership training

Equip Highly Skilled & Experienced Technical Employees to Be Successful Organization Leaders

The skills that make strong individual contributors in technical roles don’t always translate into management abilities.

Technology leaders — from executives to first-time managers — require new perspectives and skillsets to succeed. Crafting a leadership development plan that will support them through the transition from technical expert to manager can net huge gains for organizations. This plan will help install technical leaders who not only possess the functional expertise to innovate, but who also have the people skills necessary to rally the troops.

Partner with us to address challenges and accelerate the development of your technical leaders, helping to shift your organizational culture, create higher-performing teams, and improve business outcomes.

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