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Support your development initiatives with our turnkey leadership development tools and training materials, designed just for you.

  • Built for HR and L&D professionals and consultants.
  • Access to our research-based, time-tested, world-respected leadership tools, programs, and content.
  • Flexible, scalable, off-the-shelf leadership development training materials that support your initiatives, whatever their size and scope.
  • Leadership tools that work — whether standalone, combined together, or integrated seamlessly into a full-service partnership.

Use Our Turnkey Leadership Development Training Materials to Support Your Development Initiatives

Get Comprehensive Access to Our Research-Based Leadership Training Materials

Use our scalable, ready-to-deliver leadership tools and award-winning solutions for off-the-shelf leadership development that supports your organization’s business strategy. Get the convenience and independence you want, with the trusted content and support you need.

Our expertise can now be yours. Strengthen leadership skills at an enterprise level with comprehensive access to our world-renowned, research-based leadership development training materials.

Join the network and become an authorized reseller. Expand your business – and your leadership toolkit – with our world-class suite of assessments, programs, and leadership development tools.

Expand Your Leadership Toolkit With Targeted Leadership Programs & Solutions

Develop leadership competencies for individuals, small groups, or in specific areas of need. Our flexible leadership tools help you target high-potentials, strengthen small teams, or address key topics.

Take advantage of our research and experience by licensing our leadership tools and programs. Deliver proven training your way, with the convenience and independence you want and the support you need.

Facilitate a targeted workshop, in-person or virtually, using our simple, all-inclusive modules. We provide you with all the leadership development training materials you need to deliver our proven, world-respected content.

Unlock the power of 360 feedback — a critical leadership development tool in your arsenal. Our industry-leading, research-backed 360 assessments produce valid, reliable, and actionable results.

Upskill your team with our extensive library of mix-and-match leadership content modules. We can deliver this world-class, research-based content — crafting a customized learning journey for your leaders — or you can.

Browse our popular and accessible leadership guidebooks with specific actionable advice in key developmental areas, or dive deeper with our industry-leading handbooks.

Use our proven and cutting-edge leadership development tools for facilitators and trainers to help with group discussions, workshops, interactive exercises, simulations, self-reflection activities, and more.

Add Our Turnkey Leadership Development Training Materials to Your Leadership Toolkit

By using our off-the-shelf leadership tools and proven leadership development training materials, you can:

  • Build and scale a common leadership language across your organization
  • Develop your people, retain talent, and transform your organization with world-class leadership development tools and content
  • Help your leaders turn 360 feedback into actionable insights and immediate next steps
  • Leverage our research and your talented facilitators to scale learning
  • Navigate change and crisis more nimbly and effectively

Use our expertise to deliver training your way, with the convenience and independence you want — and the support you need. Built on best practices and decades of research, our content can serve as the foundation of your internal initiatives.

Expand your offerings and scale your business with our trusted content and cutting-edge suite of leadership development tools, offered exclusively to authorized reseller members of our Channel Partner Network.

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Leadership Development Training Materials & Leadership Toolkit Research & Resources

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Leadership development is no longer just for individual leaders at the top. Follow these 3 steps for accelerating leadership development and scaling learning and skill-building across your entire organization.

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Upskill your people and improve your internal leadership development initiatives with these 4 approaches to maximize your HR team’s in-house leadership development training expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Leadership Development Tools

Our research-backed leadership development tools are created for HR professionals, coaches, consultants, and experienced team leaders who are looking for flexible and scalable training materials that support their organization’s development initiatives and goals.

Our proven leadership toolkits are simple, convenient, and engaging learning experiences that HR leaders, consultants, and internal facilitators can use either standalone or in combination with other leadership development tools, online or in-person, or in a blended format. No certification is required to deliver most of our world-class, research-based leadership training materials or assessments.

When you’re supporting internal initiatives with supplemental leadership development training materials, we recommend investing in competency assessments and 360s and online leadership training, as well as licensing proven leadership development content such as research-backed workshop kits. You may also want to explore becoming a member of our Channel Partner Network to become a reseller of our world-class leadership development tools and programs. 

More questions? Our experts are here to help. Let’s have a conversation!