How to Use Workshop Kits to Upskill Employees and Scale Leadership Development

How to Use Workshop Kits to Upskill Employees and Scale Leadership Development

On Demand

Duration: 19 minutes

About the Webinar

A product demo webinar.

Recently, many organizations have adapted to working remotely or are wrestling with the challenges of keeping employees safe in the office. No matter where your employees do their work, one thing remains certain: leadership skills are more important than ever. But leadership isn’t a single skill — it’s made up of multiple components, and some employees or teams may need to develop different skills at different times. Leveraging proven content from a variety of leadership topics can be the key to creating a scalable, modular, agile leadership development plan that enables you to upskill employees while keeping up with your organization’s evolving needs.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can use leadership workshops to upskill employees in 3 key areas:

  • Interpersonal skills, including effective listening, managing conflict, and influencing others;
  • Developing others, including giving feedback, conducting engaging talent conversations, creating accountability, and  delegating effectively; and
  • Organizational culture, including how to establish direction, alignment, and commitment; how to span boundaries; and how to lead during times of change.

Upskill employees at your organization with our world-class, proven leadership workshop kits.

About the Presenters

Don Prince

Don Prince
Portfolio Manager, Licensing
Center for Creative Leadership

Don Prince serves in a global role as Portfolio Manager, Licensing. Over 25 years with us, Don has held numerous management roles but his main passion is as a senior faculty member, designing and delivering leadership solutions in over 40 countries for thousands of leaders at all levels. He has spent 14 of his 25 years in overseas assignments in Europe and Russia.

In his current role, he is responsible for the content of numerous licensed programs and products, as well as capability development for these programs, both internally and for clients. His latest project has been spearheading the process of converting 12 of our workshop kits into Live Online versions to supplement the existing face-to-face formats.

Kristen Arble

Kristen Arble
Global Licensing Manager
Center for Creative Leadership

With almost a decade of experience working with us, Kristen currently serves in a global role as Licensing Manager and is responsible for driving licensing revenue and supporting our sales across all regions.

She works closely with Marketing, Portfolio, and Operations to ensure our clients have access to deliver our Leadership Development content internally, either through packaged kit programs or enterprise licensing of select intellectual property. Kristen brings an extensive sales background and passion to help every organization develop their employees to their full potential and impact bottom-line performance.

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