Leadership Workshop Kits

Upskill your people in key areas with leadership workshops using our simple, convenient, all-inclusive workshop kits.

Our Kits Make It Easy to Hold Your Own Leadership Workshops

Provide engaging learning experiences within your organization using our simple, all-inclusive modules. The convenience and flexibility of our leadership workshop kits enable HR leaders, consultants, and internal facilitators to deliver leadership development workshops with proven, research-based content in key topic areas, in an array of languages, either virtually or in-person.

Equip your team leaders to create leadership accountability and understand how to get their people to take ownership of their responsibility. Learn more.

Turn boundaries into frontiers and focus on breaking down silos at your organization with our boundary spanning leadership workshop kit. Learn more.

Address conflict in a more productive way at your organization. Upskill your team’s conflict resolution skills so they’re willing to step up to conflict. Learn more.

Train your people in how to build and achieve direction, alignment, and commitment — a requirement for effective leadership. Learn more.

Develop your leaders’ delegation skills so they understand how to build trust on their teams and delegate work more effectively to direct reports. Learn more.

Help your people give and receive effective, direct, and timely feedback with a leadership development workshop on feedback that works. Learn more.

Influence is about the business of getting things done. Upskill your team’s influencing skills so they can drive priorities forward more effectively. Learn more.

Change is inevitable, but you can help your people respond to it better. Equip your team to lead people through change more effectively. Learn more.

Improve your team’s learning agility and leadership effectiveness. This workshop helps them unlock the ability to learn lessons from their experiences. Learn more.

Listening in leadership is a critical skill. Upskill your team to go beyond active listening so they truly listen to understand one another. Learn more.

It can be tough to hold effective talent development conversations with direct reports. Equip your leaders to engage, empower, and achieve success. Learn more.

Why Leadership Workshops Are Beneficial to Your Organization

Leaders and teams may be facing different issues or need to develop different skills. Targeted leadership workshops are a strategic way to address specific challenges, such as conflict management or delegating effectively, and scale leadership development at your pace.

Our workshop kits provide HR professionals, consultants, and experienced team leaders with everything needed to deliver our world- respected content, either in-person or virtually. Backed by over 50 years of cutting-edge research, our kits contain training materials to host and deliver timely and scalable leadership workshops in the areas that matter most.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Organizations that have used the proven content in our workshop kits to hold their own leadership workshops consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us enabled them to upskill their people and made a significant impact on their culture — and their bottom line.

“We came upon the Learning Agility Workshop and thought it could be a great way to connect with our leaders and give them some very easy-to-use, applicable tools that they can apply right away on the job. We got raving reviews and a very, very positive response from the leaders. We’ve also since embedded the workshop into our core manager development program for senior leaders, so it will be a regular offering that we make available.”

Stacy A. Karbe
Director of Talent Management
Rexnord Industries

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