Delegating Effectively

Delegating Effectively Means More Than “Getting It Off Your Desk”

Delegation skills don’t just benefit the leader, they benefit the entire team.

You can’t do it all.

You know this, but still you try. Even as more work and more responsibility get piled on, you shoulder it.

You might feel that it saves time to just take care of a task yourself. Maybe you doubt that anyone else can do what you do. Or, you could be hanging on to assignments and hovering over tasks because you just don’t have a solid process for delegating.

Delegating effectively isn’t just telling someone what to do or assigning them tasks. It means giving authority and responsibilities to individuals or a team and providing the resources, direction, and support needed to achieve expected results.

Delegation shows real trust in your team and involves giving someone the authority to do something that is normally part of your job — along with the help they need to do it.

Delegation skills free you up for other things and help prevent you from getting overworked and burnt out .

But to delegate your workload effectively, you need practice and patience.

When you’re struggling, remember that delegation is key to developing your team members and direct reports to readily accept and excel at a range of challenges — and a hallmark of effective leadership.

Upskill Your Team With Delegation Skills

Focus on the Work That Matters by Delegating Effectively

Give your leaders the skills to create an environment based on trust and establish rapport with colleagues to delegate successfully:

  • Apply the 4 stages of the Delegation Cycle when delegating initiatives to individuals and teams.
  • Use the Performance Grid to determine what to assign and to whom.
  • Have more discretionary time to get things done.

Start empowering leaders to resolve their problems at your organization by equipping your team with these delegation skills. We can deliver our world-class, research-backed delegating effectively content to them — or you can.

You Can Deliver Our Delegation Skills Content, or We Can

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We can equip your facilitators to deliver a workshop or internal training on delegating effectively either online or in person, whichever you prefer:

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Or, we can incorporate delegation skills as part of a larger leadership development initiative for your organization:

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Organizations who have partnered with us to upskill their people’s delegation skills consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with CCL made a significant impact on their culture — and their bottom line.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs.

“Through the Maximizing Your Leadership Potential program, I gained more self-awareness, learned how to give better feedback, and improved my ability to delegate and plan.”

Natalie Ramirez Cain

Senior Education Program Manager
American Society for Radiation Oncology

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Our Research-Backed Perspective on Delegating Effectively

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