Middle Manager Training

Middle Management Is a Balancing Act

Leading from the middle is challenging, but leadership training for mid-level managers can help.

If your mid-level leaders feel like they’re constantly being pulled in a million different directions, it’s because they are.

Middle managers must handle it all — connecting the overall organizational strategy to day-to-day tactical tasks — and effectively collaborating across functions to get work done.

But leading from the middle isn’t about a position. Mid-level managers may be divisional managers, senior directors, general managers, plant managers, regional managers, or even vice presidents.

Middle managers are responsible for creating the conditions for leadership to happen, and the challenge of leading from the middle is being able to meet the demands from above while providing resources to those below. 

After decades of global research and experience, we’ve found that the most effective leadership training for mid-level managers helps them to strengthen the key skills most needed for success. And with the most widely-known and longest-running middle management program in the world, we stand ready to help develop your mid-level leaders.

How Middle Manager Training Can Help Your Mid-Level Leaders

Equipping mid-level managers to work not just in the middle, but successfully lead from the middle, is all about balance.

How do they learn to understand the “system” they belong to and take a more global perspective? And what about ensuring they have the boundary spanning and communication skills needed to provide direction, create alignment, and boost commitment — often across time zones leading virtual teams? With so much to juggle, how can they stay resilient and avoid burnout? 

These mid-level leaders are the translators of your organization’s strategy, the messengers as well as the enforcers. Can yours handle the pressure? Are they ready to take on the challenges they face?

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Transformative leadership training for mid level managers at the Center for Creative Leadership

Transformative Leadership Training for Your Mid-Level Managers

Our flagship Leadership Development Program (LDP)® is the most widely known and longest-running middle management development program of its kind anywhere in the world. For over 5 decades, this transformational program for mid-level leaders has helped over 50,000 alumni around the globe to develop the skills, understanding, and clarity needed to succeed and advance in their careers.

Whether you’re looking to uplift and transform all your mid-level leaders, or targeted, scalable programs to develop your middle managers, we offer a variety of human-centered, research-backed solutions for every budget, available both virtually and in-person. Choose from our time-tested programs, or let us craft a custom engagement for these leaders, complete with personalized, transformative leadership coaching.

Leadership Training for Mid-Level Managers: Choose the Solution That’s Right for Your Organization

The longest-running middle management development program of its kind in the world, our pioneering, world-renowned, flagship Leadership Development Program (LDP)® addresses the specific challenges faced by managers in the middle.

With over 50,000 satisfied alumni over 5 decades, our life-changing middle manager training is built around developing the 6 key skills needed for mid-level leaders: influence, communication, thinking and acting systemically, self-awareness, learning agility, and resilience.

  • High impact, feedback-rich development that includes intense, personalized executive coaching
  • Many available dates and locations to choose from
  • Custom versions, scale-up options, and group discounts available

Retain your high-potential talent and prepare them for what’s next as you build your pipeline of future leaders.

Partner with us to bring our research-backed, world-renowned programs in-house. Let’s co-create a custom leadership training for your mid-level managers that’s focused on honing the competencies needed for your organization’s unique context and culture.

For maximum impact, explore options incorporating experientials, simulations, and 360 assessments, and sustain the learning with wraparound leadership coaching services. Together, we’ll craft a truly transformational middle manager development program.

  • Choice of face-to-face, online, or blended learning experiences

The Effective Leader is a virtual middle manager training program targeted to develop effective leadership for those leading from the middle.

This online course allows them to tap into their personal leadership style and increase self-awareness, while preparing them for the new world of work. It develops critical skills needed to succeed today — including improving their ability to solve complex challenges, build their resilience in the face of uncertainty, and lead virtual and remote teams, collaborating effectively across the organization — and the globe.

  • Personalized feedback
  • Engaging live online experience accessible from anywhere
  • Research-backed content continually evolving to focus on the issues that matter most today

What Our Clients Are Saying

At CCL, we measure success by lives touched and impact made. That’s why the organizations we work with and the leaders we empower consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us isn’t just a game-changer, it’s a life-changer. Our leadership training programs for mid-level managers have helped transform thousands of middle managers around the globe into the effective leaders their organizations need.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs.

“As the pharmaceutical industry becomes increasingly competitive, even small differences in leadership competency and technical expertise can lead to highly differentiated outcomes in the marketplace. It is imperative that we accelerate the development of managers and better prepare them for senior leadership roles.”

Sissy McKee
Leadership Program Director
Boehringer Ingelheim

Developing Leaders Poised to Succeed in the Face of Change and Complexity

“One of the keys to success is the alignment between CCL’s core values and our principles. That level of alignment has ensured that every leadership initiative not only helps us develop great leaders, but also makes a significant impact to our business.”

Antoine Mangin
Chief Learning Officer  
Mars Inc.

Mars & CCL: Reversing a Talent Drought while Generating Millions

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