Recommended Insights
Recommended Insights

How to Have Conversations About Race: Leveraging 4 Key Skills

two women talking holding important conversations about race in the workplace

In part 2 of our webinar series on How to Have Conversations About Race, you’ll learn how to us[…]

How to Have Conversations About Race: 3 Critical First Steps

abstract watercolor picture of speech bubbles representing how to have conversations about race concept

Talking about race is a complex issue, but it’s essential to creating an inclusive work culture[…]

How to Reimagine Networking During a Pandemic (Especially for Women Leaders)

Women's Leadership: Networking during a pandemic

Is networking during a pandemic possible? In this webinar for women leaders, learn 3 distinct n[…]

Reset Your Organization for a Post-COVID Future: Steps for Achieving Long-Term Success

reset your organization for a post COVID future

In this webinar, we’ll follow up on advice we issued in a white paper released as we were in th[…]

What Is Allyship? Your Questions Answered

What is Allyship? Your Questions Answered

In order to become better allies, we must focus our attention on actions and behaviors that tru[…]

Pan-African Banking Institution Drives Digital Transformation with Leadership Development

Financial Services Generic Logo

Learn how CCL partnered with one of the largest banking groups in Africa to accelerate their di[…]

Transforming Managers into Effective Leaders with Scalable, Virtual Solutions


Read a case study about the custom online leadership program developed by CCL and Essilor, the […]

Global Technology Company Achieves Boundary Spanning Leadership Development with Customized Virtual Program

Pitney Bowes logo

Pitney Bowes chose to partner with CCL in part because of its ability to deliver a completely v[…]

Inspiring Latinas to Become Leaders

MANA de San Diego

We partnered with MANA San Diego to help Latinas advance in their careers. Read this case study[…]

Partnering to Span Boundaries

Whirlpool Logo

This case study shows how CCL partnered with Whirlpool to customize a leadership development pr[…]

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