Boundary Spanning

5 Powerful Ways to Take REAL Action on DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)
5 Powerful Ways to Take REAL Action on DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

Is your organization wondering where to start with DEI training? Learn 5 ways to infuse your leadership and culture with greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.

United States Forces Iraq and the United States of America Embassy logos
Boundary Spanning in a High-Pressure, High-Stakes Environment

Learn how the U.S. State Department and U.S. Department of Defense partnered with CCL to successfully implement Operation New Dawn in Iraq in 2010.

Boundary Spanning to Break Down Silos in Government
Boundary Spanning to Break Down Silos in Government

Boundary-spanning skills are essential for all leaders, especially those in government. Here’s how federal government workers can break down silos and foster collaboration.

Pitney Bowes logo
Global Technology Company Achieves Boundary Spanning Leadership Development with Customized Virtual Program

Pitney Bowes chose to partner with CCL in part because of its ability to deliver a completely virtual leadership development solution.

Tarrant County College logo
Higher Education Institution Builds Cohesive Leadership Culture with a Custom Leadership Development Program

Learn how CCL partnered with Tarrant County College to build their leadership culture with a custom leadership development program.

Kao logo
How a True Partnership Can Generate Solutions

Kao leaders who have been through leadership development programs with CCL offer glowing reviews of the partnership.

image of 2 colleagues in meeting room on virtual call with other team members representing hybrid workforce
How Leaders Should Approach Today’s New Hybrid Workforce

Learn best practices for leading today’s hybrid workforce and how hybrid leadership can foster an inclusive environment, boost employee engagement, and drive team performance.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Ladder to Leadership: Developing the Next Generation of Community Healthcare Leaders

Learn how CCL partnered with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to develop a program to cultivate leadership skills, such as effectively engaging in collaborative relationships, in their emerging leaders.

NACCO Materials Handling Group (NMHG)
Learning to Lead in Uncertain Times with a Customized Leadership Development Initiative

Learn how one of the world’s largest lift truck manufacturers partnered with CCL to deploy a leadership development intervention for leading in uncertain times.

Whirlpool Logo
Partnering to Span Boundaries

This case study shows how CCL partnered with Whirlpool to customize a leadership development program that evolved alongside Whirlpool’s business strategy.

The Power of Respect - Center for Creative Leadership
The Power of Respect

Being respectful is critical for leaders, especially in conflict situations. Learn these 3 key indicators of respect, and discover ways to cultivate respect in your organization.

Why You Should Collaborate Across Boundaries
Why You Should Collaborate Across Boundaries

The most effective leaders work across boundaries, forging common ground with colleagues from differing positions, backgrounds, and locations. Evolve your approach with these boundary-spanning ideas.


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