360 Leadership Assessments

Millions of leaders. Thousands of organizations. Hundreds of countries. Our world-class leadership assessments are the global industry standard.

  • Superior-quality normative data enable benchmarking against one of the world’s largest leadership assessment databases
  • Based on decades of rigorous research that’s constantly refined
  • Strict confidentiality for more accurate feedback
  • Numerous customization options for maximum flexibility
  • Support provided by our dedicated leadership assessment experts
  • Available in multiple languages

Leadership Assessment and Development Go Hand-in-Hand

Supported by more than 50 years of pioneering research, our industry-leading leadership assessment tools are ideal for use in development, whether your organization is large or small.

Our world-class 360 instruments are also why we’ve been consistently ranked among the world’s top providers of assessments.

Benchmarks® 360 Suite

Our flagship suite of industry-pioneering, rigorously researched 360 leadership assessments can help you assess critical leadership competencies at every level. Options to customize for your organization if desired.


Easy to complete and simple to interpret, this leadership assessment tool is straightforward, ideal for organizations seeking leadership skill development and assessment with no facilitator certification required.

Assessment Certification

This self-paced online course prepares and certifies coaches, consultants, and HR managers to administer our widely-recognized leadership assessment tools and to facilitate 360 feedback sessions effectively.

Take Your Leadership Assessments Even Further With CCL Compass™

Both of our leadership assessment tools — the Benchmarks® suite and Skillscope® include access to CCL Compass™ to help turn 360 feedback data into actionable insights and immediate next steps. This online tool analyzes, interprets, and presents results from leadership assessments in a concise and understandable way — so individuals can transition immediately from reviewing data to setting goals, creating action plans, and making positive behavioral changes.

To learn more about how we can help your organization with leadership skill development and assessment, get in touch.

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Custom Leadership Training

Design a program for leadership skill development and assessment that’s tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Partner with us to craft a customized learning journey for your leaders.

Coaching Solutions

Help your leaders interpret and act on results from their leadership assessments, creating greater self-awareness, and provide critical challenge and support to promote lasting behavior change.

Let’s Discuss Leadership Assessments

Our experts are here to help. Let’s have a conversation about the competencies needed in your unique culture and context, and how our industry-leading 360 instruments can help with leadership assessment and development at your organization.

Leadership Assessment & Development: Research & Resources

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What skills are most needed to be an effective manager? Our researchers have identified the most critical leadership competencies, using our extensive database of 360 feedback on mid-level managers around the world.

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You know a 360-degree assessment provides valuable feedback on your job performance from multiple perspectives. But do you know how to interpret it so you get the most out of your 360 results?

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What’s the best way to approach the feedback you get from your 360 assessments? Make sure you ask for the right feedback from the right people, and then use it in the right way.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leadership Assessments

Leadership assessment tools for development are used to provide comprehensive feedback on job performance from multiple perspectives. This may include the leader’s direct reports, peers, bosses, and superiors, as well as the leader’s own self-perceptions. These critical tools are used in a wide array of leadership development initiatives because they help leaders identify strengths and development needs and improve self-awareness.

Leadership assessments are an important tool for leadership evaluation and development. Depending on your company, large-scale, 360 feedback at an organizational level could be the catalyst you need to align leaders, create a sense of urgency for new business strategy, and ensure quick execution. It could also serve as the starting point for a successful coaching program focused on change. Learn about the 5 steps you can take to successfully roll out this powerful tool for leadership development. 

At the Center for Creative Leadership, we pioneered the concept of using assessment for development, using feedback data from 360 leadership assessments as the key first step to personal and professional growth. Confidential, candid assessments from raters enable individual leaders to gain a comprehensive view of themselves and a greater understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. The open and extensive feedback provides greater self-awareness of a leader’s current state, and a basis for future development goals and self-improvement.

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