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Recommended Insights

Skillscope® 360 Leadership Assessment

Give your leaders straightforward, practical feedback on job-related skills.

Simple to implement and easy to interpret, with no facilitator certification required, Skillscope® helps you assess the core skills all leaders need for success.

Ideal for organizations and individuals new to the 360 leadership assessment process, Skillscope® can be used with supervisors and managers as a leadership skills assessment, as well as with individual contributors.

A Straightforward Leadership Skills Assessment Solution

Assess Core Skills for Success with Our 360 Leadership Assessment Solution

Skillscope® is designed to capture managers’ work as it really is. Simple and straightforward, this 360 leadership assessment provides easy-to-interpret ratings for a leader’s strengths and areas for development, weighted by importance.

  • Assesses job-related strengths and weaknesses
  • Starts the process of feedback-based individual development
  • Continues the development process with CCL Compass™ by setting goals and creating actionable plans, based on the results

Benefits of Our 360-Degree Leadership Skills Assessment

Our Skillscope® 360 leadership skill assessment includes these key features:

  • Measures 15 different job-related skills
  • Designed to be completed quickly and easily, in less than 30 minutes
  • Includes a written comments section
  • Available in 11 languages
  • Highly visual feedback reports
  • Option for reports with or without feedback broken out by rater group
  • Group profiles available

And with no certification required, it’s simple to implement and scale across your organization.

Facilitators are required to complete a Facilitator Qualification Form to use our Skillscope® leadership skills assessment. Upon approval, you get have access to our robust resources on , including a user’s guide, presentation templates, sample feedback reports, and more.

Take Your Leadership Skills Assessment Further With CCL Compass™

Our Skillscope® 360 assessments include access to CCL Compass™, our digital tool that instantly transforms your leadership skills assessment data into clear insights and relevant action plans that build on strengths, while addressing development needs. 

It enables individuals to transition immediately from reviewing data to setting goals, creating action plans, and making positive changes in key areas. With CCL Compass™, the impact of your 360-degree assessment feedback goes even further, offering:

  • Convenience: On-demand answers to your leadership development questions
  • Clarity: Streamlined development goal-planning with precision and simplicity
  • Effectiveness: Improved motivation and better outcomes for both leaders and executive coaches
  • Accountability: Plan visibility and progress-tracking to share progress with coaches and others

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