Maximizing the Impact of 360 Assessments

Maximizing the Impact of 360 Assessments

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Duration: 1 hour

About the Webinar

Gathering feedback is essential, and what your leaders do with it matters even more. High-quality 360-degree feedback is a powerful leadership tool across every industry. Just like any other tool, though, you have to know how to use it for maximum effectiveness.

From designing your organization’s process to implementing the results and making sure the experience for your team is powerful and engaging, this webinar can help you get (and stay) on the right track so you can make the most of your investment in 360s. Learn best practices backed by both an extensive body of research and practical experience, and discover how 360-degree feedback can positively impact not just individuals but your entire organization.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Evaluate the ability of your current 360 feedback process to stimulate real change,
  • Identify opportunities to enhance post-feedback learning experiences, and
  • Discover how organizations deploy 360 feedback to maximize collective leadership development.

Learn more about how to maximize the impact of 360 assessments in our Assessment Certification Course, which certifies coaches, consultants, and HR leaders to facilitate our industry-leading Benchmarks® 360 assessments suite, and the straightforward and simple-to-use Skillscope® leadership skills assessment.

About the Presenters

Kim Palmisano

Kim Palmisano
Global Portfolio Manager, Assessments
Center for Creative Leadership

With 25+ years of success in leadership and organizational development, Kim has served 100s of executives at Fortune 500 companies. Her experience also includes developing and presenting curriculums for corporate training and college instruction. She has held positions in the pharmaceutical arena as Director of Organizational Development and Director of Sales Training. Kim provides subject matter expertise on our Assessments and Certification Programs, driving innovation and identifying and disseminating best practices. Kim is also a Leadership Advisor and Facilitator, partnering with leadership teams globally to develop solutions that support market needs. She has deep expertise in pharmaceuticals, as well as a breadth of experience working with global clients that represent a diverse range of industries from manufacturing to consumer products and includes such variety as healthcare, retail, education, technology, and non-profit. She brings passion and energy to her role, partnering to customize offerings that increase leaders’ capability and impact at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

Cindy McCauley

Cindy McCauley
Senior Fellow
Center for Creative Leadership

Cindy has contributed to many aspects of our work at CCL: research, publication, product development, program evaluation, coaching, and management. Capitalizing on this broad experience, she has developed expertise in leader development methods, including developmental assignments and relationships, 360-degree feedback, and action learning. Cindy co-developed two of our assessment tools: Benchmarks® and the Job Challenge Profile. Cindy is Co-Editor of The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Leadership Development, Experience-Driven Leader Development: Models, Tools, Best Practices, and Advice for On-the-Job Development, and Using Experience to Develop Leadership Talent. One of her most popular publications, Developmental Assignments: Creating Learning Experiences without Change Jobs, was featured on and in Harvard Management Update. Her latest book for managers, Change Now! Five Steps to Better Leadership, integrates research-based knowledge on leader development into an easy-to-use development planning process.

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