Jollibee Foods Deploys Scalable Training Solution to Instill a Coaching Culture Across the Organization

Jollibee Foods Corporation logo

Learn how Jollibee Foods partnered with CCL to build coaching and conversational skills, reinforcing a cohesive organizational culture as they expand internationally.

Soft Skill Development: The Human Skills Needed for Success at Every Leader Level

vector image of 2 heads with brain and heart representing soft skill development concept

Organizations that prioritize soft skill development create cultures that are more adaptive, inclusive, and impactful. Learn the specific soft skills needed for every leader level and the best methods for delivering skills training.

Employee Resource Group Insights: Supporting Black Professionals in the Workplace

Supporting Black Professionals in the Workplace

Gain insights from 2 members of our Black Professionals Employee Resource Group on some of the common barriers Black professionals experience in the workplace, and how organizations and individuals can support and cultivate more equitable, diverse, and inclusive environments.

Actions Speak Louder: Building Organizational Accountability for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

image of woman employee looking at camera and urging organizational accountability on EDI

A special webinar event featuring CCL experts and client voices discussing the critical need to hold organizations accountable for making progress on equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) initiatives.

Future-Fluent Nation Builders: The State of Leadership in Public Sector Enterprises in India

leadership in the public sector India research report Center for Creative Leadership

Download our research report to learn how leadership in public sector enterprises must modernize to drive key economic and social objectives in India.

3 Organizational Steps to Start Tackling the Widening Gender Gap in the Workplace

image of woman in the workplace delivering presentation and overcoming the gender gap in the workplace

Now is the time for organizations to begin the work to update their culture and systems to give women leaders the resources and support they need to excel. Learn the steps your organization can take to get started.

Why Companies Struggle to Tap the Power of Women’s Leadership

Why Companies Struggle to Tap the Power of Women’s Leadership

There are some persistent barriers to women’s advancement in the workplace. Learn how your organization can help grow your ranks of women leaders.

Beyond Mentoring: The Critical Need to Sponsor Women in the Workplace

colleagues in office shaking hands and showing critical need to sponsor women in the workplace

Mentoring is important, but mentoring alone isn’t enough. Without influential sponsors too, women leaders are often at a disadvantage for career advancement. Watch this webinar to learn about the critical need to sponsor women and what quality sponsorship looks like in practice.

Communication Strategies to Reduce Employee Turnover Through the Great Resignation

people in office talk representing importance of reducing employee turnover

Employers are experiencing greater stresses on their people and systems and scrambling to reduce employee turnover – and nonprofits are no exception. Watch this webinar for cost-effective ways to improve communication and retain talent.

Leading With Purpose: Key Shifts Organizations Must Make to Evolve for the Future

Asian businesswoman holding laptop smiling and representing leading with purpose

The extended social, economic, and health crisis the world has witnessed in recent years has highlighted the need for leading with purpose. Join us on this webinar to learn how purposeful leadership can help organizations evolve into more socially accepted and financially better-off versions of themselves through specific strategies and tactics.

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