The (Better) Leadership Project

As the world changes, leadership should change with it.

Today’s challenges are different. What made organizations successful before isn’t enough for tomorrow. And the skills leaders need now weren’t always valued (or even recognized) in the past.

It’s time to reexamine traditional understandings of “good” leadership and explore how to evolve towards better leadership.

At CCL, we believe that (better) leadership is a collective effort — and it starts with individuals. Better leaders build better teams, stronger organizations, and healthier communities. But we can’t do it alone. Join us, and together, we can create better cultures, more successful enterprises, and a brighter future.

The Better Leadership Project

(Better) Leadership: Resources for Leading With Compassion, Wellbeing & Belonging

With over 30 pages of insights gleaned from our research, this collection of resources includes actionable tips and team discussion questions to help you become a (better) leader with a focus on compassion, wellbeing, and belonging.

The Foundations of (Better) Leadership

As we evolve our understanding of “good” leadership, we find that (better) leaders focus on compassion, wellbeing, and belonging — for themselves and others. Authentically embracing diverse perspectives creates cultures where people can bring their full selves to work. And this leads to organizations that are more innovative, successful, and (better) prepared for the future.

Show compassion to yourself and others is key for being a better leader. Learn how compassionate leadership improves teams and organizations.

Self-care and resilience are important, but they’re not enough. Support true employee wellbeing with these keys to wellbeing and leadership.

Learn the value of belonging at work (it supports greater performance and innovation), and how leaders can foster belonging in the workplace.

Resources for (Better) Leadership

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Our research shows that inclusion is one of the key predictors of turnover and burnout. Watch this webinar as we discuss how organizations can take meaningful action to build and sustain more inclusive work environments.

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Organizations are prioritizing inclusion in their diversity efforts, but it must be executed well to achieve intended goals. Learn common pitfalls to avoid and steps you can take to be a more inclusive leader.

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In order to become better allies, we must focus our attention on actions and behaviors that truly contribute to more inclusive environments. Discover answers to commonly asked questions about allyship and the role leaders can play.

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Trust is a core human need we all share and relationships built on trust are what people want and need most at work. Watch this webinar to learn how to build trust as a leader and keep it.

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Too often, servant leaders prioritize others’ needs at the expense of their own. In this webinar, we reimagine the classic servant leadership model to start with a focus on self-care, enabling leaders to serve those they lead more effectively.

Solutions for (Better) Leadership

Because (better) leadership for the collective begins with the individual.

Develop (Better) Leadership at Your Organization

We have solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations at every level. Let’s discuss how to create better leadership together.

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