Leading With Inclusion and Belonging in the Workplace

Towards (Better) Leadership Virtual Event: Session 3

CCL Webinar: Leading With Inclusion and Belonging in the Workplace

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Duration: 46 minutes

About the Webinar

This is session 3 in our series, Towards (Better) Leadership. Be sure to explore our other sessions as well:

Building a sense of inclusion and belonging in the workplace is an essential part of creating cultures of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. Belonging — the belief that we are connected, supported, and respected — is a basic human need that, when provided, can pave the way for greater performance, innovation, satisfaction, persistence through challenges, and reduced employee turnover.

Research confirms that inclusion and belonging in the workplace — and an uncertainty about them — are strongly affected by organizations and their leaders. Sense of belonging has the power to influence everything from job satisfaction and self-esteem to performance and wellbeing.

Join us as our experts discuss how organizations can foster true belonging by building a strong foundation of trust, connection, and freedom from uncertainty in this session from our virtual event.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create a sense of inclusion and belonging in the workplace
  • The impact of uncertainty about belonging
  • How a sense of belonging relates to organizational equity, diversity, and inclusion

About the Presenters

Jayke Hamill

Jayke Hamill
Center for Creative Leadership

As a faculty member for our Societal Impact team, Jayke (they/them) is a designer for much of our equity, diversity, and inclusion work with nonprofits, foundations, and other social sector organizations, and is particularly vested in growing the field of leadership development to be more accessible and inclusive of all leaders — including individuals with disabilities, neurodiverse learners, LGBTQ folx, first-generation college students, and beyond.  

Darren L Johnson

Darren Johnson
Organizational Leadership Practitioner
Center for Creative Leadership

Darren has been practicing organizational development for over 35 years. In his role as Organizational Leadership Practitioner at CCL, he works with executive and senior leadership teams using a client-centered approach to define and activate enterprise-wide strategic objectives, and to build equity, diversity, and inclusion. Prior to joining CCL, Darren worked in Organizational Development at GM, Ford, and Nissan. He was also formerly the Deputy Director of the Office of African American Affairs for the state of New Mexico and the Deputy Director for National Minority AIDS Council. 

Andrea (Andi) Williams

Andi Williams
Portfolio Director & Faculty, Population Health Sector
Center for Creative Leadership

Andi designs and delivers transformational development experiences, with a particular focus on developing public health leaders. Before joining CCL, Andi served as Deputy Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)’s Substance Abuse Policy Research program and the RWJF-funded Executive Nurse Fellows program, which increased the effectiveness of American nurse leaders. She has also authored a book chapter, “Culture of Health Leaders: Building a Diverse Network to Advance Health Equity” in Leading Community Based Changes in the Culture of Health in the U.S.

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