How to Lead With Compassion

Towards (Better) Leadership Virtual Event: Session 1

CCL Webinar: How To Lead With Compassion

On Demand

Duration: 39 minutes

About the Webinar

This is session 1 in our series, Towards (Better) Leadership. Be sure to explore our other sessions as well: 

The context of today’s workplace is growing ever more challenging as internal and external forces are constantly shifting — on our teams, in our industries, and even in our personal lives. As we recognize that all these forces can come into play, it is also becoming important for leaders to understand how to lead with compassion — for both themselves and their teams.

Compassion is one of the most powerful acts of leadership available to us, and it often shows up in the smallest of ways. As leaders demonstrate compassion toward themselves and others, they expand their entire team’s capacity to handle future challenges. Ultimately, compassionate leadership changes an entire organization’s culture, yielding greater cooperation and grace for all.

Join us for this session from our virtual event as we discuss how organizations can take meaningful action to build and sustain more compassionate work environments.

What You’ll Learn

  • Behaviors of compassionate leaders
  • What research teaches us about how to lead with compassion in the workplace
  • What it means to go beyond empathy and towards compassion

About the Presenters

Dr. Shelley Thompkins

Shelley Thompkins, PhD
Senior Faculty
Center for Creative Leadership

An Associate Certified Coach recognized for leveraging best practices across diverse industries and markets, Shelley brings more than 20 years of experience with market-leading organizations and Fortune 500 corporations. As a collaborative leader, design thinker, developer, and learning experience facilitator, she helps leaders become extraordinary performers, visionaries, and collaborators, as well as critical and strategic thinkers.
Stephanie Wormington

Stephanie Wormington, PhD
Director, Global Strategic Research
Center for Creative Leadership

Stephanie Wormington is a Senior Research Scientist and Director of Global Strategic Research at the Center for Creative Leadership. Her current research focuses primarily on promoting equitable and inclusive organizational cultures; exploring collective leadership through networks; and enhancing motivation and empowerment for leaders across their professional journeys.

Chris Zintel

Chris Zintel
Leadership Solutions Partner
Center for Creative Leadership

As Leadership Solutions Partner, Chris facilitates open enrollment programs as well as customized in-person, online, and blended solutions for all leader levels. Chris has a diverse background in the areas of leadership, organizational transformation, corporate sustainability, and project management. His experience includes leading global projects, working with multicultural teams, coaching senior executives, and facilitating action learning in diverse contexts ranging from outdoor expeditions to design thinking workshops.

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