How to Promote Wellbeing at Work

Towards (Better) Leadership Virtual Event: Session 2

CCL Webinar: How To Promote Wellbeing at Work

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Duration: 40 minutes

About the Webinar

This is session 2 in our series, Towards (Better) Leadership. Be sure to explore our other sessions as well:

Being a (better) leader means recognizing that a broader focus on community, connection, and a sense of belonging is required to achieve true employee wellbeing. Research shows that when organizations know how to promote wellbeing at work, their employees are more engaged and creative, and have higher job satisfaction and productivity levels.

What organizations have learned from today’s climate is that employees are not as willing to sacrifice for their jobs — they desire fulfilling careers and meaningful work on teams where everyone is encouraged to thrive. When leaders are empowered to promote wellbeing at work and create space to care for themselves and others, they become more effective — as individuals, on their teams, within their organizations, and even impacting their entire communities.

Join us for this session from our virtual event as our experts discuss how organizations can go beyond individual resilience and self-care to focus on building a culture that truly supports employee wellbeing.

What You’ll Learn

  • The 6 keys to wellbeing
  • How to promote wellbeing at work for the collective
  • Why leaders must be responsible for their employees’ wellbeing

About the Presenters

Jessica Davidson

Jessica Davidson
Program Director
Center for Creative Leadership

Jessica came to CCL with over 20 years of consulting and industry experience as a thought and strategy partner to executives and senior leaders, with an emphasis in talent and leadership development. Since the start of her career in Human Resources and Organizational Development, Jessica has worked across industries in the public and private sector, transforming leaders and organizations through culture, strategy, and operations. As program director at CCL, Jessica leverages her skills and experience to manage programs that drive individual and organizational transformation.

Michael DePass

Michael DePass
Vice President, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Practice
Center for Creative Leadership

As leader of our global Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) practice, Michael combines his extensive professional experience and passion for social change with his gifts for strategic leadership, innovative thinking, and business development. Previously, he served as director of our K–12 education portfolio, designing and delivering transformative educational leadership development. Prior to joining CCL, he worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company and at several international development organizations. 

Jeneva Patterson

Jeneva Patterson
Senior Faculty
Center for Creative Leadership

Jeneva is a Senior Faculty member at CCL based in Brussels, Belgium. Her vast and diverse experience in multiple sectors, for corporate and not-for-profit global, Fortune 50 organizations offers expertise and additional perspectives for CCL’s clientele. Jeneva serves as both a Faculty member and Leadership Coach and is responsible for design, delivery, facilitation, and organization of development solutions. Topics of expertise include culture change, women’s leadership, cross-cultural communication, diversity and inclusion, virtual team development, positive psychology, mindfulness, and resilience.

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