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Easily deliver high-quality leadership development training in-house by licensing our trusted leadership course content.

We know leadership inside and out — but no one knows your people better than you. Together, that’s a powerful combination. A license to CCL’s leadership training course content and programs provides the convenience and independence you want, with the support you need for your in-house leadership development efforts.

“For our core leader training program, we combined key organizational knowledge and skill needed with the powerhouse of the CCL name and years of extensive research in the leadership field to offer a distinguished, holistic program to our leaders — one we believe is definitely ‘Best in Class.’”

Buffy Morris

Buffy Morris

Director of Learning and Development
Arch Mortgage Insurance Company

License the Proven Leadership Training Course Content That Your Organization Needs

Maximize your L&D investment with the ultimate leadership package. CCL Passport™ gives you unlimited access to our most comprehensive package of leadership training course content and solutions, with the flexibility to tailor our research-based expertise to your organization’s needs, embed it in your own systems, and scale leadership across your entire enterprise. We’ll even train your internal facilitators to deliver to your organization.

License our turnkey, 1- & 2-day foundational skill-building programs and develop fundamental leadership skills that drive enterprise-wide results.

Power up your in-house leadership training initiatives with a leadership license to leverage our proven programs. Leverage our world-class research and learning methodology for in-house leadership training that scales with your business.

Powered by CCL, delivered by you.

Facilitate an in-house leadership training workshop for individuals or teams. Our all-inclusive, convenient, single-topic leadership workshop kits help you deliver targeted training on timely topics or areas of specific need. Choose one or more kits to design your own development series — with no certification required — and deliver the workshops in-person or online.

Design a custom leadership journey for leaders at your organization by leveraging our expertise in a wide array of leadership topics. Upskill your team with our extensive library of mix-and-match timely leadership topic modules. We can deliver our world-class, research-based leadership training course content modules as part of a co-created learning journey for your people — or for select topics, you can deliver. 

A CCL Leadership License Gives You Quick & Easy Access to Our Trusted Leadership Training Course Content

We offer a variety of scalable learning options to support your internal development initiatives, from targeted, half-day, skill-building workshops; to proven programs on the fundamentals of leadership; to custom-designed, research-based solutions for your leaders at every level.

Why License Our Turnkey Leadership Training Course Content?

Increase the capacity, reach, scale, and impact of your in-house leadership development initiatives with our world-class research and leadership course content and solutions. Leverage our ready-to-use leadership license options to access our leadership training course content, workshops, and programs. You can: 

  • Implement an in-house leadership training & development initiative in record time, for immediate impact
  • Enrich & deepen your existing program quickly by incorporating our proven, research-based content and turnkey solutions
  • Mix-and-match modules from a wide variety of leadership topics to deliver targeted training for individuals, teams, and specific needs
  • Leverage the talent of your facilitators and business leaders to deliver the learning internally, in the modality you choose
  • Take advantage of available Master Trainer Certifications and train-the-trainer options, if desired

Whether you’re interested in a simple, all inclusive leadership license option or licensing a fully customized leadership development learning journey that’s linked to your organization’s specific goals, strategies, and needs, we’re here to help. Contact us, and let’s talk.

What Our Clients Are Saying

At CCL, we measure success by lives touched and impact made. That’s why the organizations we work with and the leaders we transform consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us is a game-changer. By leveraging our leadership license offerings, organizations have transformed their in-house leadership training initiatives into scalable, highly effective programs.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs.

Arch Mortgage Insurance
University of Notre Dame

We taught Notre Dame’s internal facilitators from HR and other departments how to deliver the training.

This train-the-trainer strategy enabled the university to train more individual facilitators than it could have if our faculty had delivered all the sessions. Demand for the training was strong, and the sessions were packed.

University of Notre Dame

“Most consultants would want to start with the company strategy, and then they would want to walk us through the entire journey. CCL instead acknowledged the analyses we had done and said, ‘You guys did the heavy lifting. Let’s not redo that.’”

Copa Airlines - CCL

Dominik Rus

Corporate Learning & Development Director
Copa Airlines

“We selected the Center for Creative Leadership because we thought that they had the best programs and their ratings have been consistently in the top on a global level. CCL trained our team on how to run the program to really make the training relevant and impactful for our employees.”

Amy Keyser

SVP of Human Resources
Arch Mortgage Insurance

“Organizations that build coaching cultures are those that invest in their people first and will exceed their competition. Big supporter of CCL’s Better Conversations Every Day program!”

Kerri Kellan

Sr. Director of Talent Development
Southern New Hampshire University

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