Retaining Talent by Building a More Trusting Culture

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CLIENT:125-year-old financial service company
LOCATION:The U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America
SIZE:Over 8,000 employees

Client Profile & Challenge: Financial Services Industry

Facing competitive pressure in its efforts to attract and retain the most talented employees, the company discovered from internal surveys that trust and communication levels between employees and the organization weren’t optimal.

The company wanted to develop and create a more collaborative, trusting culture where people could have meaningful, candid, and constructive conversations about performance. It sought a solution that would improve collaboration and trust internally, in line with its goals of becoming an employer and business of choice while strengthening its financial solutions brand among consumers.

Importantly, the financial services company wanted much more than just an off-the-shelf workshop; it sought a collaborator in the solution-creation process and a partner that could develop a solution it could integrate deeply and make its own, nurturing a coaching focus to transform the organization’s culture long term.

Financial services retaining talent case study

Solution & Results

After a rigorous search, the company decided to partner with CCL to implement a solution focused on having better conversations across all levels in the organization to strengthen trust and communication.

The first phase of the work identified key areas of development, aligned business imperatives to the new organizational behaviors, and established key indicators to track the impact of the solution. CCL selected a scalable coaching solution called Better Conversations Every Day™ (BCE) as the vehicle to achieve the organization’s goals.

One critical factor in the company’s engagement was CCL’s ability to adapt BCE to its unique needs. In addition, CCL created a solution so the company could develop internal capabilities to deliver BCE, enabling it to leverage CCL’s research-based approach with all employees. The CCL partnership partnership is also supporting the organization as it builds a culture to reinforce new behaviors.

To scale across the organization, CCL developed a licensing agreement and train-the-trainer solution that enables the company to deliver Better Conversations Every Day on its own, expanding the reach and cultural impact of BCE throughout the organization.

More than 350 employees have been through BCE delivered by CCL. Another 1,400 employees will go through the BCE experience delivered by a growing cadre of the company’s CCL-trained coaches. After that, all of the organization’s other employees will participate in a microlearning experience that’ll reinforce the core BCE behaviors—supporting a common leadership language and moving the culture.

The CCL partnership also has strengthened other strategic initiatives the company is undertaking. For example, a high priority effort to strengthen its customer service is drawing on many of the capabilities and tools that BCE has provided.

CCL’s ability to collaborate with the company, deeply understand its goals and challenges, and use a proven program to support it in building a coaching-based culture has made this partnership successful.

Overall satisfaction with program
Likely to recommend
Able to apply to job
Able to impact organization’s success

*On a 1-5 point scale with 5 being the highest rating and 1 the lowest.
Data based on a program delivered by us.

Participants Say

“The program in general was very helpful because [it] gave us a variety of tools to do a better job. It was very helpful to practice the tools learned in a safe environment with my coworkers. Practice makes the difference.”

“[BCE] was so impactful by using real experiences, and having a coach in each group makes it really effective and [creates] lasting impact.”

“Creating an honest and open partnership is a key imperative often overlooked when working with someone from the “outside.” The deep partnership CCL has created with this company has not only helped CCL understand internal dynamics and needs, but be a true supporter of them owning their own development.”

Tim Davisson

Strategic Business Partner
Center for Creative Leadership

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