Frontline Leader Impact

Frontline managers make up nearly 40% of the manager population. Preparing them to lead effectively is essential.

Leadership effectiveness is the #1 concern for organizations of all sizes, across industries and around the world. The challenge? Companies have traditionally been forced to compromise between quality, cost, and flexibility when considering frontline leadership development solutions. Until now.

 “I highly recommend this program, as you can take it at your own speed and really work towards bettering yourself. At such a weird time in all of our lives, what more can we do besides try and be a better leader for our peers, our families, and ourselves?”

Kelsey Kornaus - CCL

Kelsey Kornaus

Group Manager
Burt’s Bees


High-potential, new, or first-time managers




6 weeks (3 hours/week)




Faculty-to-participant ratio: 1:24


Program Experience

Support Your Frontline Leadership With Targeted Development

Almost 60% of managers never receive training for their first leadership role. This frontline leadership training course can correct that. Over the course of 6 weeks, this interactive, engaging online learning experience gives high-potential talent the confidence and skills they need to be successful in a frontline leadership role, increase personal effectiveness, and build relationships to get work done.

What Participants Learn in Our Frontline Leadership Training Course

Our online frontline leadership training course develops the 6 crucial competencies for frontline leadership success:

  • Self-Awareness: Remaining aware of one’s strengths and development needs is critical and enables frontline leaders to make more informed decisions and interact effectively with others. 
  • Learning Agility: Seeking out diverse experiences, applying lessons learned to new challenges, and being able to adapt to the environment allows frontline managers to swiftly recognize, analyze, and address problems. 
  • Communication: Listening, speaking, and writing clearly and consistently for maximum impact with people at all levels in the organization is another critical skill for frontline leadership success.
  • Political Savvy: Relating well to people, developing strong working relationships with managers and superiors, managing internal stakeholders, and navigating organizational politics to achieve goals are all important frontline leadership skills that can be honed. 
  • Motivating Others: Inspiring commitment by recognizing and rewarding the contributions of others and guiding direct reports to complete assignments, especially when goals are unclear or ambiguous, enables first-level managers to get the work done through their teams. 
  • Influencing Outcomes: Understanding and persuading effectively to gain cooperation and get things done to achieve a desired outcome is also essential to succeed and another key objective of our frontline leadership training course.

Why Choose Our Frontline Leadership Program?

Our frontline leadership training program delivers a completely reimagined online leadership development program experience to transform frontline managers into the leaders organizations need.

This program brings together:

  • Our world-class, research-driven content and experienced faculty
  • An intuitive online learning platform

Through the use of self-assessments and feedback from peers and the moderator, participants gain a detailed picture of their personal strengths and challenges.

Frontline Leader Impact

Location Tuition
Online - Global $1,500 USD

Alternative Options & Formats:

U.S. federal government employee?
The Center for Creative Leadership & Management Concepts logosOur partner offers a version of this frontline training program especially for leading in the government context. Explore Frontline Federal Leader Impact.

Similar course in an in-person format?
Explore this alternative CCL program for first-level managers.

Multiple participants?
Scale-up options and volume pricing available for organizations wishing to develop multiple frontline managers or customize a version of this frontline leadership program for their unique context and culture. Contact us for more details!

What Our Alumni Are Saying

Alumni of our frontline leadership training course consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us made a significant impact on their leadership and professional growth, and they’re grateful for the life-changing opportunity.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs.

“With such a diverse group from multiple time zones and different countries, we wanted to steer away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to leadership development. The virtual experience was the best solution for our needs. The group made it fun, allowed them to interact more often, support each other, and develop key leadership competencies.”

Crowley Maritime

Gloriana Garro

Director of People Development & Learning
Crowley Maritime

“As the CEO of a diverse global technology firm, I found the FLI course to be timely, relevant, and useful. I believe it will provide a common language/methodology to connect all of our leaders across the world.”

BeyondTrust CCL

Matt Dircks

CEO & Board Member

“We’ve been including FLI within our mid-level management development program for a few years now. Highly recommended — especially if your audience is geographically dispersed. Its online format also enables frontline managers (I call them firefighters) to juggle their multitude of daily responsibilities with their personal development.”

Michael Schmidt

Channel Advancement Manager
Vermeer Corporation

“The Frontline Leadership course is impactful and teaches skills for enhanced leadership that can be implemented immediately. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to grow as a leader, a professional, or a person. All skills are relevant to our day-to-day lives.”

Melinda Caltabiano

Director, Apheresis Operations

Impact of Our Frontline Leadership Program

What participants said about this online frontline management training program:

intend to apply program lessons at work
1 %
found the course easy to access and navigate
1 %
made positive impact on leadership skills
1 %

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Frontline Leadership Training: Research & Resources

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Frontline Leadership Training

Frontline leadership combines the practical skills required to manage individuals on the front lines with the ability to make management decisions that benefit the organization as a whole. Essentially, frontline leadership is a term used to describe managers who supervise individual contributors on the front lines, and they are often newly promoted into their first leadership role. Or, they’re functional leaders who don’t currently have any formal direct reports, but are preparing to move into a first-line manager role in the future. Frontline leaders are the managerial glue of an organization, often its largest population of leaders, and they’re responsible for important day-to-day operations — so training them to be effective is critical. Frontline leadership training can equip these managers with the support, tools, and resources they need to succeed. 

Participants in the Frontline Leader Impact course from the Center for Creative Leadership will gain the confidence and skills needed to be successful in their frontline management roles. Additionally, they will be able to increase their personal effectiveness and build relationships to get work done. Our scalable online training course also develops 6 crucial competencies these leaders need to succeed, including self-awareness, learning agility, communication, political savvy, motivating others, and influencing outcomes. Frontline managers can learn these critical leadership skills online, making this program a helpful way to scale training across a large group of leaders who are often scattered across multiple locations.

Given the numbers of their frontline managers, many organizations have traditionally been forced to compromise between quality, cost, and flexibility when considering development options for this large audience. Online learning is often the most cost-effective and scalable solution. Organizations looking for proven training designed specifically for frontline leaders should consider CCL’s world-renowned, research-backed Frontline Leader Impact program. Our online frontline leadership training course delivers an engaging and immersive experience to participants, helping them transform into the people leaders their organizations need. We leverage our world-class content, industry-leading self-assessments, feedback from peers and the moderator, as well as an intuitive online learning platform to gather a detailed picture of a participant’s strengths and weaknesses and help them identify opportunities for growth. 

More questions? Our experts are here to help. Let’s have a conversation!