Maximizing Your Leadership Potential

Managing others brings new challenges and requires different skills. This training for first-level leaders can help.

Develop team players who can also play the role of coach, manager, and leader. This first-level manager training guides participants in the shift from successful individual contributor to effective manager of people and projects, helping them realize their true leadership potential. It’s one of the biggest and most difficult transitions for any leader to make.

“Excellent program for leaders and managers of their organization to learn insights of people management and leadership skills.”

Allen Tan - CCL

Allen Tan

Assistant VP, Commercialization


High-potential, new, or first-time managers


Online or in person
(See COVID protocols)


Online: 5 half days
In person: 2.5 full days


Live instructor-led, with executive coach


Faculty-to-participant ratio: 1:12


Maximizing Your Leadership Potential: About the Program Experience

Support First-Level Managers With Training That Transforms Leadership Potential

Making the shift from successful individual contributor to effective manager is a difficult transition — some say the hardest shift for any leader to make — and getting the best performance from others can be an ongoing challenge.

Certain changes come with increased responsibility. Successful first-level managers know how to shift their mindset and their role, depending on the task at hand. Sometimes you need to be a player, sometimes a coach.

Our first-level manager training is ideal for managers of people and projects, supervisors of individual contributors, and first-level leaders who are preparing to advance.

What Participants Learn in Our First-Level Manager Training Course

As a result of participating in this training for first-level leaders, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how personal strengths and weaknesses affect their team leadership;
  • Align intentions with impact to become more effective communicators;
  • Deliver constructive feedback and hold performance conversations;
  • Collaborate with, and truly listen to understand, others;
  • Use a variety of influencing styles and tactics;
  • Manage conflict and resistance; and
  • Facilitate better conversations and become better at coaching others.

Why Choose Our First-Level Manager Training?

  • Research-based content that focuses on the challenges unique to first-level leaders and the most common issues they face
  • Highly individualized, feedback-rich development that includes intense, personalized coaching
  • Interactive, hands-on format using experiential learning to prepare participants to take action
  • Coaching and tools to support newly enhanced skills of influencing, giving and receiving feedback, communicating, and facilitating effective performance and developmental conversations
  • At least 30 sessions offered per year, with online and in-person options
  • Ongoing support through our exclusive alumni community

Maximizing Your Leadership Potential

Location Tuition
Online – Global $4,400 USD
Americas $4,400 USD
APAC $6,500 SGD
EMEA €3,900 EUR

Alternative Options & Formats:

Multiple participants?
Scale-up and volume pricing options available for organizations wishing to develop multiple new managers, customize a version of this first-time manager training program for their unique context and culture, or run the full program on-site. Contact us for more details.

What Our Alumni Are Saying

Alumni of our first-level manager training course consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us made a significant impact on their leadership potential and professional growth, and they’re grateful for the life-changing opportunity.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs.

“The course demonstrated to me leadership strategies and provided a safe environment to test and practice those strategies. The most valuable pieces of the experience were my engagement with peers, who all wanted to improve their leadership skills and provided helpful feedback, and the coaches, who all sought to understand my goals and worked to help me build a personal strategy to help achieve those goals. This experience was an excellent use of my time and a great investment by my company that has already started to pay dividends.”

Dan Weagle

Sr. Manager, Corporate Partnerships
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“CCL gives participants great tools that they can use when they get back to their everyday job and provide the follow-up that is so lacking in other programs. There is an overall genuineness from the CCL instructors that other programs do not have and the instructors have credentials and life experience to back it. I left with tools, instruction on how to use them, and more importantly, resources that allow me to use them correctly. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has any feelings of moving into leadership or is in leadership.”

Ryan Pung

Auto-Owners Insurance Company

“This program gives you access to an immense set of practical tools to enable you to be a better leader. In addition, it provides deep and powerful insight into your own tendencies and natural way of leading.”

Timothy Wazny

Director of Student Ministries

“CCL will expand your leadership horizon, reinforce your skills and equip you with new ones to better prepare for your future. It will raise your awareness to meet your staff where they are, and empower you to help them succeed, and allow you to embrace what it truly means to be a leader of people.”

Danielle Schadler

Commercial Portfolio Manager

Impact of Our First-Level Manager Training

What participants said about Maximizing Your Leadership Potential, our first-level leader training program:

1 %
would recommend the course to others
1 %
have been able to apply program lessons at work
1 %
say they're more effective as a leader

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First-Level Manager Training: Research & Resources

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Struggling as a manager? You’re not alone. Learn 12 common challenges faced by new managers as they transition from being individual contributors to leading people and projects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our First-Level Manager Training Program

Maximizing Your Leadership Potential, our immersive, research-backed first-level manager course, guides participants in their shift from the role of individual contributor to being an effective manager of people and projects. We understand that this transition is difficult, so this highly individualized program helps new and experienced first-level leaders adapt to the challenges of their unique context, and can be delivered either online or in person, with personalized guidance from an experienced executive coach. 

Our transformative first-level manager training course is designed for current and future managers of people and projects, supervisors of individual contributors, and high-potential first-time leaders who are preparing to advance to the next level. 

Participants of our highly personalized and research-based first-level leader course, Maximizing Your Leadership Potential, learn how to understand personal strengths and weaknesses, align intentions with impact, deliver constructive feedback and hold performance conversations, collaborate with others, leverage influencing styles and tactics, manage conflict and resistance, and facilitate better conversations. 

Our first-level leader course helps individuals at this level maximize their leadership potential by leveraging research-based content that focuses on the unique challenges they face. Because the program is highly individualized, interactive, and feedback-driven, first-level leaders will have the opportunity to gather coaching and tools that hone critical leadership skills like influencing, giving and receiving feedback, communicating, and facilitating effective developmental conversations.

More questions? Our experts are here to help. Let’s have a conversation!