Coronavirus (COVID) FAQs & Protocols

[Last Updated: October 12, 2023]

Because our ultimate focus is the health and safety of our clients and staff, we continue to monitor and adhere to guidelines released by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and national/local government agencies in the regions where we operate globally. We strongly encourage our clients and partners to monitor these sources as well.

What is required to attend an in-person program or activity ?

At this time, we currently do not have any restrictions or specific requirements in place to attend in-person programs or activities at our North American locations, but we will continue to track the current situation closely and may reassess needs or reinstate safety measures in the future. We welcome visitors and staff continuing to wear masks if they prefer, and are happy to provide masks if requested.

What are CCL’s current COVID protocols for in-person events in the Americas?

  • Self-monitor your health: Anyone participating in an in-person activity should self-monitor their health and only attend the session if they are well (with no fever or symptoms of illness). CCL reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who exhibits visible symptoms of illness until a negative COVID test result is provided.
  • If someone becomes ill: In the event of a positive COVID case during an in-person activity, the following actions will be taken immediately, regardless of delivery location:
    • Any attendee testing positive with COVID will not be allowed to continue with, or return to, an in-person activity.
    • Remaining attendees will be alerted of the positive COVID case as soon as possible, and masks will be offered to anyone who would like one.
    • CCL staff leading the activity will determine if completing the activity in-person is feasible:
      • If the activity cannot be finished in person, the CCL salesperson and/or lead facilitator will work directly with the client contact to determine the most appropriate next step (i.e., complete the activity virtually, or cancel/reschedule), and then communicate to attendees.
    • For open-enrollment programs, participants who are uncomfortable continuing will be allowed to transfer to another date without penalty.
    • If 3 or more positive cases occur in the same activity, the activity will either immediately revert to virtual or be rescheduled/cancelled. (Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own laptops in the event that an in-person activity must be completed virtually, as CCL will not provide laptops.)
    • If an individual becomes ill within 14 days of the completion of an in-person activity, he or she should immediately inform CCL so that all other individuals can be informed of potential exposure.

What about COVID safety protocols in other regions?

EMEA: We are following the health and safety guidelines issued by the respective local authorities in the countries where in-person programs take place. No additional requirements or protocols will be expected from participants.

APAC: We are following the health and safety guidelines issued by the respective local authorities in the countries where in-person programs take place. No additional requirements or protocols will be expected from participants.

China: Temperature checks are conducted before entry to any building, and there is no regulation to wear masks or practice any physical distancing within the training room.

Can CCL deliver leadership programs and solutions virtually?

Yes! We have an extensive array of online leadership solutions for leaders at all levels of organizations. These solutions can be accessed in numerous formats for your convenience, including virtual leadership development programs, moderated online leadership courses, and self-paced online training. We’re happy to discuss these options and determine the best fits for you and your organization. Contact us anytime!

What Our Clients Are Saying

“This was a particularly challenging time to hold a class because of COVID and the staff did a fantastic job in keeping the facilities clean and safe.”

Leadership Development Program Participant, Greensboro campus, Fall 2020

Does CCL offer any resources for leaders in these uncertain times?

Yes! Engaging, research-based, complimentary webinar recordings by our leadership experts on a wide array of topics are available in our webinar archive and we also offer many complimentary resources for leading through COVID-19.

We are always happy to how we can support you and your organization in these challenging times. Contact us anytime!