Virtual Leadership Development Programs

Engaging, research-backed virtual training programs that are crafted for lasting impact — and aren't limited by the 4 walls of a classroom.

  • Deliberate design translates the anatomy of an optimal and lasting learning experience into the virtual space.
  • Authentic connections emerge from intentionally crafting human-centered, engaging interactions.
  • Vibrant experiences with immersive and unexpected elements minimize risk of cognitive overload or distractions.
  • Connection to real-life challenges enables quick application of new concepts from virtual leadership training.

Virtual Leadership Development Programs

We leverage the proven strengths of our decades of research, outstanding instructional design, and top-notch faculty to offer high-impact, research-based virtual leadership training.

Browse our world-class leadership development programs offered in virtual training formats below, or explore our full suite of online leadership training solutions and tools.

Core Virtual Leadership Development Programs

row the skills needed for leading from the middle successfully. With 100K+ alumni, LDP is the longest-running leadership development program in the world. Offered virtually or in person.

Support your high-potential first-line managers of people and projects so they have the skills they need to succeed with this transformative leadership program, available virtually or in person.

Scale development for your frontline and first-level managers with this moderated virtual leadership training program that teaches the critical skills needed to succeed when leading others.

Equip individual contributors and new leaders with the 4 most needed leadership skills with this scalable, licenseable virtual training course on the fundamentals of leadership.

Specialty Virtual Training Programs

Harness the power of 360° feedback at your organization with this virtual leadership course — required to administer, interpret, and facilitate our portfolio of industry-leading assessments.

Scale coaching skills across your entire organization with this coaching conversations training program, which can be delivered as a virtual program, or license it and let us train your team to facilitate.

Partner with us by packaging timely leadership topics into a virtual training program that hones the key skills needed for your organization’s unique context and culture.

What Our Clients Are Saying

At CCL, we measure success by lives touched and impact made. That’s why the organizations we work with and the leaders we transform consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us is a game-changer. Our virtual leadership development programs have helped take leadership training to a deeper and more sustainable level for thousands of organizations.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs. 

“One of the challenges we were faced with was, how do you change behavior with a learning experience that’s completely virtual? CCL was up for the challenge of delivering a leadership development solution completely virtually.”

Pitney Bowes logo

Angela Spears

Learning Consultant
Pitney Bowes

“With such a diverse group from multiple time zones and different countries, we wanted to steer away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to leadership development. The virtual experience was the best solution for our needs.”

Crowley Maritime

Gloriana Garro

Director of People Development & Learning
Crowley Maritime

“The virtual program has been an enriching learning journey anchored by an excellent facilitator from CCL and our in-house capability development team. This has been one of the best digitally-run programs I’ve participated in recently.”

Devanshi Sahay

Management Consultant Manager
Accenture Strategy

“It is a very personalized experience in which you will walk out with actual tools to employ to help you become a more effective leader.”

Jennifer Whitney

Director of Counseling Center
The University of North Carolina Greensboro

“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating and partnering with CCL for my organization’s early career development program. The CCL team brings with them a wealth of knowledge and we were able to design a successful virtual program for our 2021 participants. Execution of the program was also met with great feedback and I believe CCL has fully embraced the new mode of virtual classrooms with their production team. Looking forward to our 2022 partnership!”

Kevin Quek

Talent & Leadership Consultant (ASEAN)
Siemens Pte Ltd

Impact of Our Virtual Training Programs

What our clients are saying about our world-class leadership development programs delivered live online:

would recommend the virtual leadership development program to others
1 %
found the experience equally or more engaging than other online programs
1 %
found the virtual leadership program easy to access and navigate
1 %

Engage your entire organization and enact real change by designing your own unique virtual training program. Partner with us to combine timely topics into a customized learning journey for your leaders.

Create self-awareness, provide support, help drive transformational change, and reinforce the learning from virtual programs and leadership solutions with our world-class  coaching services, available from anywhere, virtually.

Let’s Discuss Your Virtual Leadership Training Needs

Our experts are here to help. Let’s talk about how our virtual leadership development programs can scale development and drive business results for your organization.

Virtual Leadership Training: Research & Resources

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For a virtual workforce to succeed, we have to not only change where we work, but how we lead as well. Join us to learn the mindset shifts required for effective virtual leadership and the leadership skills needed for the new virtual landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Leadership Training Programs

With workplaces embracing hybrid workplace models, virtual collaboration, and remote learning, many of today’s leaders are being asked to lead their teams online. Effective virtual leadership requires leaders to reexamine their skillsets and mindsets for the future of work — while continuing to solve complex problems. 

Virtual leadership training facilitates learning and development online, versus via face-to-face interactions in a classroom. Our top-ranked virtual training programs have deliberate design, build authentic connections, and foster vibrant experiences so leaders can grow — anyplace, anytime. Not limited by the walls of a classroom, our virtual programs are engaging and research-backed, allowing participants to connect and learn from our experts and their peers around the world. 

Leaders of virtual, remote, and hybrid teams must know how to foster teamwork and collaboration virtually, shift their mindsets, and show up as their best self, no matter where they are. Virtual leaders must also manage polarities and communicate well to increase effectiveness.

While no particular leadership style is better than another for leading virtual teams, there are skillsets and best practices for leading virtual teams and meetings that every virtual leader should keep in mind. Virtual leaders must learn how to lead more mindful meetings, overcome time differences, consider team members’ other commitments, and use technology to communicate in real time.

Virtual leadership training can deliver online leadership development in a variety of formats. At CCL, our live online virtual leadership programs are delivered in an interactive virtual classroom environment, where participants learn and engage with one another and a trained facilitator in real time. Moderated virtual leadership programs aren’t delivered in a live format, but rather asynchronously, giving participants access to a leadership expert and network of fellow participants to interact with and learn from. And self-directed virtual leadership training enables participants to develop their leadership skills online, at their own pace, no matter where they are located. Regardless of delivery modality, though, our research has found that satisfaction with our virtual training programs matches in-person formats.

More questions? Our experts are here to help. Let’s have a conversation!