Leadership During COVID-19: Resources for Times of Uncertainty

The global coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath have created significant challenges for leaders at all levels and in nearly every industry across the world.

At CCL, we believe leadership is a journey that never stops — and the organizations that can evolve, adapt, and turn challenges into opportunities will be the ones that continue to survive and thrive.

To help you and your organization, we offer info on our COVID protocols for in-person activities and the below complimentary resources and research with timely insights for those leading during coronavirus and beyond:

Resources on Personal Resilience

The global coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath have taken a toll on the health and cognitive capacity of workers. These complimentary resources on building resilience can help leaders during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Show up as the best version of yourself by aligning your values and behaviors. Become a more holistic leader with an intentional focus on weaving together these 4 facets of your life.

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How you talk to yourself can impact how you handle difficulties — and how others see you. Here’s how leaders can harness the incredible power of positive self-talk.

In a changed world, your organization must replace long-held beliefs about productivity with a fresh understanding of what rest and recharging mean. Prepare your team for what comes next and help them bring their best selves to work with our resilience-building training and solutions.

Resources on Leading Hybrid & Virtual Teams

The world of work is changing, and the new landscape requires skill at leading virtual teams and hybrid workplaces. Effective virtual leadership requires emotional intelligence, a dedicated strategy for communicating well in the digital context, strong collaboration skills, and flexibility and adaptability. Equip your leaders with what they need to manage people and tasks when working remotely.

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For a virtual workforce to succeed, we have to not only change where we work, but how we lead as well. Join us to learn the mindset shifts required for effective virtual leadership and the leadership skills needed for the new virtual landscape.

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With many organizations adapting to new work-from-home arrangements and hybrid work policies, leaders and organizations should review 5 tips for building and maintaining a remote work culture.

In the post-pandemic world, the workplace is going to look different. Your organization needs leaders who can communicate effectively, lead empathetically, and inspire teams even when they’re working remotely. Prepare your people for effective leadership in the new hybrid workplace.

Resources on Organizational Agility

With the fast pace of change, organizational agility is no longer just an asset, it’s a necessity. To secure the future of your organization, you need an innovative culture and leaders who can adapt to change, span boundaries, lead inclusively, and collaborate across differences. That’s why strengthening organizational agility and building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace for all is essential for leaders during COVID — and beyond.

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Organizations are prioritizing inclusion in their diversity efforts, but it must be executed well to achieve intended goals. Learn common pitfalls to avoid and steps you can take to be a more inclusive leader.

For today’s organizations, inclusive leadership and greater innovation depend upon your people’s ability to collaborate and communicate with one another effectively. Build trust, increase agility, and create greater psychological safety so that everyone can bring their whole selves to work by strengthening coaching and conversational skills across your organization.

Resources on Online Leadership Development

During challenging times, continued access to opportunities for learning is important to foster growth and development. Online leadership training and virtual coaching can provide support and access to needed development — and in most cases are just as effective as face-to-face development.

Provide your people with research-based, world-class leadership development they can access from anywhere. Explore our award-winning, life-changing virtual leadership development programs.

Resources on Crisis Leadership

Those leading during the COVID pandemic and beyond must be able to act quickly and adapt plans as new evidence and factors emerge. Here are our resources on leading in times of crisis — and beyond.

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Here are some practical tips on what, when, and how to communicate in order to help you connect with your team and organization at a time when stress is high and there’s a lot at stake.

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In times of upheaval, leaders must think and behave in unfamiliar ways and take action while the crisis is still unfolding, all while remaining calm and maintaining perspective. Learn best practices for leading through crisis with these 5 actions to prepare and respond.

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Resources on Leading During Coronavirus and Beyond

Explore even more of our research and resources on the challenges of leading in COVID-19:

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In this webinar, we share our research findings on how leaders and organizations can pivot when navigating crisis, and best practices to cope and build crisis leadership “muscle” for the future.

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Watch this webinar to learn how organizations are developing Asian leaders and preparing them with the skills needed to take on more global roles in the post-pandemic world.

Want more information on how CCL is responding to the coronavirus pandemic? Read our COVID protocols & FAQs for in-person activities or contact us.