The global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has created significant challenges for leaders at all levels in industries across the world.

At CCL, we believe leadership is a journey that never stops – and the organizations that can evolve, adapt, and turn challenges into opportunities will be the ones who thrive in the world that comes next.

To help you and your organization overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow, we’re offering these complimentary, practical resources on topics of crucial importance for leaders:

We hope you take advantage of these materials and find them valuable as you and your organization navigate the crisis of the moment, while preparing for the opportunities of the future.

Unlearning Organizational Culture Webinar Series

Webinar Series
Unlearning Your Organizational Culture:
3 Ways to Thrive in a Changed World

As you face urgent leadership challenges in this new world of work, maintaining the status quo isn’t an option. Join our “how to” webinar series designed to revamp your organization’s culture. Register now >

Leading in Times of Crisis — and Beyond

woman speaking in office answering the question, what is psychological safety at work?

What Is Psychological Safety at Work?

Do people on your teams feel free to open up and speak their minds? Learn how to assess and enhance psychological safety in your organization to drive collaboration and innovation. Learn to build a culture of trust >

overhead shot of people walking with connection showing the concept of how organizations can reset for post-covid future

White Paper
Reset Your Organization for the Post-COVID Future

Organizations that innovate recover more successfully from a downturn. Learn research-based steps you can take to prosper in a post-COVID future. Access the white paper >

A group of spheres around a single red sphere on a pedestal representing communicating in a crisis

Communicating in a Crisis: What, When, and How

With an overload of information, you must decide what, when, and how to communicate with your team to connect at a time when so much is at stake. Learn how to keep your team aligned >

image of blocks representing when inclusive leadership goes wrong

Inclusive Leadership: Steps Your Organization Should Take to Get it Right

Your organization may have good intentions for diversity and inclusion, but be sure actions match them. Take these steps to activate inclusivity and positively transform your culture. Read article >

Businesswoman at whiteboard leading meeting in conference room helping solve strategic leadership challenges

How to Overcome Strategic Leadership Challenges

Strategic leaders must make decisions that position the business for the future, while meeting current demands. Engage in these 3 behaviors to overcome strategic challenges >

man on phone showing how he displays leadership agility in times of change

Webinar Recording
Leadership Agility in Times of Change and Crisis

To stay agile amidst change and crisis, you must make strategic decisions and ignite commitment from every member of your organization. Learn ways to prioritize now and pivot to the future >

Crisis Leadership: Lessen the Impact of Chaos on the People You Lead

Article & Free Digital Book
How to Lead Through a Crisis

Effective crisis leadership is all about the people. Lessen the impact of chaos on those you lead by paying attention to communication, clarity of vision, and caring relationships. Learn how in our article & access the book’s full text >

Best Practices for Leading Virtual Teams & Meetings

Crisis Leadership Self-Assessment

How well can you weather the storm? This quick self-assessment from the author of our book, Crisis Leadership, will help you understand and sharpen your leadership skills in a crisis. Rate your readiness now >

Leadership Skills for an Uncertain World

Leadership Skills in an Uncertain World

In the midst of chaos, leaders can’t allow themselves to get overwhelmed or become immobilized. Go beyond merely responding to being a positive change agent. Learn how to be future-ready >

Virtual Coaching & Online Leadership Development

woman working on laptop and demonstrating the advantages of online learning

Advantages of Online Learning for Leadership Development: What Our Research Says

As we move through the crisis, organizations are rethinking their L&D strategies and focusing on the advantages of online learning for leadership development. Discover what our research reveals >

picture of an executive looking hopeful after coaching for leaders

White Paper
Coaching for Leaders: Why Executives Need Support

In times of rapid change or disruption, executives in high-pressure positions benefit from coaching as a tool to carry their organizations into the future. Learn how coaching can help executives navigate complex situations >

a strategic leader talking to colleague

How to Become a Strategic Leader

Leading strategically requires a unique skill set – especially during times of disruption and uncertainty that require your organization to pivot quickly. Learn 3 behaviors you must engage in to become a strategic leader. Increase your strategic leadership skills with these tips >

woman on laptop at home demonstrating the new world of work

Product Webinar
Virtual Solutions to Build Leadership Skills for the New World of Work

Get a behind-the-scenes look at our programs that prepare leaders for the new set of leadership skills required in today’s transformed world of work. Discover solutions to prepare you for the future of leadership >

image of a participant who completed frontline leader impact from the center for creative leadership

Testimonial Video
Becoming a Better Leader with Frontline Leader Impact

Hear from one of our participants who recently completed the Frontline Leader Impact virtual program, and learn what made the experience so impactful for her. Hear from this participant >

Healthcare Case Study: A Prescription to Develop New Leaders in a Global Healthcare Organization

Case Study
A Prescription to Develop New Leaders in a Global Healthcare Organization

A global healthcare company partnered with us to create a common understanding of leadership. With our virtual solution, they achieved this for a geographically dispersed team of frontline leaders. Read this client’s success story >

picture of young employees using technology representing Pitney Bowes virtual leadership development case study

Case Study
Pitney Bowes Achieves Boundary Spanning Leadership Development with Customized Virtual Program

This global technology company needed a partner to deliver a completely virtual learning experience that would help change behaviors across the organization’s vast network. Read this client’s success story >

image of woman with text

Testimonial Video
Developing Talent with Virtual Leadership Training

Crowley is a global logistics company that had traditionally taken a “one size fits all” approach to leadership development. With CCL’s virtual solution, Crowley is empowering new leaders to make a big impact. Hear from this client >

picture of young employees using technology representing Essilor's virtual leadership development case study

Case Study
Transforming Managers into Effective Leaders with Virtual Solutions

Essilor, the world leader for corrective lenses, needed to shore up its continuum of leadership development in support of frontline supervisors. The program has made a sizeable impact on company operations. Read this client’s success story >

Building Resilience

business person dealing with leadership stress

What Drives Leadership Stress — and How to Deal

Learn how leadership stress affects your health, attitude, and productivity — as well as 3 ways to counter stress’s harmful effects so you can show up as your best version at work and home. Increase your resilience >

9 Tips for Dealing with Uncertainty and Anxiety

9 Tips for Dealing with Uncertainty & Anxiety

In times of uncertainty, our anxiety increases and impacts how we see the world and treat others. Since we can’t make that go away, what can we do to cope? Read 9 research-based tips to help you deal with anxiety >

How to Boost Brain Health: Don't Treat Your Brain Like Junk!

How to Boost Brain Health

With most of us spending more time at home now than usual, it’s an opportunity to develop habits that will help us show up as the most effective leaders we can be in a stressful time. Discover 4 simple ways to boost your brain health >

Building More Resilient Leadership for Greater Impact

Webinar Recording
Building Resilience and Leadership in the Context of Crisis & Telework

Focusing on the 4 areas of resilience – physical, mental, emotional, and social – will help increase your personal and team effectiveness in the midst of a crisis. Watch the webinar recording now >

man looking out window thinking about unexpected gifts from hardship

4 Unexpected Lessons Learned from Hardships

It may be hard to embrace in the moment, but difficult times can deliver life’s most rewarding gifts — if you’re open to mining them for silver linings. Learn to find growth from challenge >

How to Reach Your Full Potential: Prioritize Wellness

In Times of Crisis, Make Time for Your  Wellness

Times are difficult. Making even small changes in your daily habits can have a significant impact on your wellness, resilience, even immunity. Learn 4 proven techniques to help you manage the stress >

Personal & Organizational Agility

father and daughter at home representing living with intention

Living with Intention at Work and at Home

The current crisis means our personal and professional lives overlap now more than ever. But we can increase our effectiveness by identifying our values and living intentionally. Learn 3 action steps today >

picture of a man in a suite talking about the importance of adaptable leadership

White Paper
Adaptable Leadership: What It Takes to Be a Quick-Change Artist

Disruption is the new normal, and adaptability is no longer an asset, but a necessity. Learn the qualities of adaptable leadership and how to foster it in your organization. Access the white paper >

concept representing how to drive innovation in your organization

3 Practices That Will Help Drive Innovation in Your Organization

When faced with uncertainty, instilling a culture of innovation in your organization is a must. But how do you approach the challenge in a practical way? Learn 3 practices to drive innovation forward >

How to Foster Flexible Leadership In Times of Instability

Webinar Recording
How to Foster Flexible Leadership in Times of Instability

Flexible leadership is critical for the success and longevity of your organization, now more than ever. Learn how to stay agile and competitive: Watch the webinar recording now >

Adapting to Change Requires Flexibility

Adapting to Change Requires Flexbility

When faced with change, successful leaders are flexible enough to develop and adapt. Use these 5 tips for adapting to change and guiding your team through change. Learn the 3 types of flexibility that adaptable people have >

How to Transition Through Change

How to Transition Through Change

What’s the different between change and transition? Transition is the internal psychological process of adapting to a new situation, of moving from the old to the new. Get our tips for navigating the 3 stages of transition >

Leading Virtual Teams & Remote Work

man sits in front of laptop showing concept of leading remote teams

Webinar Recording
Leading Remote Teams When the Stakes Are High

When teams are working from home, scattered geographically, and separated culturally, the task of managing them is even greater. Learn best practices for leading remote teams >

business man displaying effective virtual communication

How to Craft Your Persona for Effective Virtual Communication

Connecting and engaging with team members virtually requires a new skill set. Improve your virtual leadership presence with these 3 tricks. Craft an engaging virtual persona >

Best Practices for Leading Virtual Teams & Meetings

Best Practices for Leading Virtual Teams & Meetings

We’re suddenly facing a new reality: teams must collaborate virtually and leaders must adapt to effectively manage their people and meetings remotely. Follow these best practices >

image of puzzle pieces representing how to create a remote work culture

How to Build and Maintain a Remote Work Culture

Learn how to build a strong organizational culture when your teams don’t share a physical workspace. Learn to build culture while working remotely >

woman sits at computer on teleconference talking about managing remote employees

Managing Remote Employees: How to Lead From a Distance

Leading from a distance is tough, especially during turbulent times. Get 5 tips for managing remote employees. Learn remote leadership skills >

man at laptop gives working from home advice

Working from Home Advice: 10 Tips to Improve Productivity

Telecommuting has become the new normal. Follow this guidance to stay productive and resilient while working from home. Follow these best practices >

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