The World Versus COVID: How to Win the Second Set

The World Versus COVID: How to Win the Second Set

Asian countries were the first hit by the global coronavirus pandemic, and are gradually bracing for the new normal that will emerge. We conducted interviews with 20 C-suite leaders across Asia from different countries, organizations, and industries to see how they’re preparing for the challenges ahead.

It seems that we’ve entered a 3-set match of COVID versus Humanity. Making a comeback in the second and third sets will requiring extreme resilience from organizations, societies, and nations. Asian CXOs unanimously agree that leadership will be the key differentiator between organizations that come out stronger post-COVID and those that will be unable to recover.

Our interviews uncovered 6 paradoxes around people and business that leaders in Asia and across the world must navigate, and the essential skills needed to win the “second set” against COVID.

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April 28, 2020
About the Author(s)
Sunil Puri
Sunil is the former Senior Director and Head of Asia-Pacific Research, Innovation, and Product Development at CCL, where he led and managed research teams and initiatives in APAC and ASEAN/South Asia. He holds an MTech in Energy Studies from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
Elisa Mallis
Elisa is the Managing Director and Vice President for CCL APAC, where she leads CCL’s efforts in SE Asia, India, North Asia, and Australia to accelerate clients’ leadership development and results while also contributing significantly to CCL’s global research agenda. She holds a BS in Psychology from the University of Miami, as well as an MA in Organization Development and an MAEd in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University.

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