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In the face of dramatically changing circumstances, stress is a growing problem leading to increased accidents, absenteeism, turnover, lower quality of work, and ultimately revenue loss. Specific contexts (such as telework) and crises (such as the current COVID-19 pandemic) can exacerbate or contribute additional unique stressors above and beyond those already present in an individual’s daily work life. Low levels of resilience take a toll on leaders’ health, mood, cognitive capacity and productivity. This webinar will dive into the importance of resilience and leadership and explore practical ways to enhance both personal and team effectiveness.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The 4 areas of resilience: physical, mental, emotional, and social.
  • How to enhance personal resilience and leadership with proven practices including exercise, sleep, mindfulness, reappraisal, positivity, gratitude, connections, and contact.
  • Specific ways you and your team can apply resiliency practices in a telework/crisis context.
Help your people develop resiliency habits that create conditions for peak performance with our online program, The Resilience Advantage. The practical, scientific, and application-based approach will allow your leaders to avoid burnout, and instead, burn bright. 
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About The Presenter

Erica Reynolds
Leadership Solutions Partner

Erica is a Leadership Solutions partner and specializes in addressing the factors of human behavior that affect performance, productivity and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI). Erica has a passion for advancing organizations and people beyond their current limitations to achieve greater results and fulfillment. Erica brings over 14 years of leadership experience in global organizational effectiveness to her role. Before joining CCL, she provided her expertise to businesses ranging from small to global as well as host of political and non-profit organizations.

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