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Propel Your Future Leaders Forward

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Duration: 1 hour

About the Webinar

This is session 3 in our series, Propel Your Future Leaders. Be sure to explore the other sessions as well:

In the third of our series of webinars on how to propel your future leaders, we’ll explore how equitable access to opportunities for development can play a key role in supporting your next generation of leaders. Our recent research on emerging leaders suggests that 60% of young people feel that access to opportunities for leadership development is inequitable. Fully supporting emerging leaders can include actions such as working against systemic exclusion from the past, providing more equitable access to opportunities in the present, and preparing our organizations for success in solving the future’s most pressing problems.

In this webinar, we’ll explore what can happen when young people feel included, supported, and motivated and how providing access to opportunities for personal growth and leadership development can increase their engagement in your organization. We’ll also discuss how those of us in positions of power can harness our own lived experiences to support young people on their leadership development journeys. 

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What barriers next-generation leaders face to engaging and advancing in leadership 
  • Ways to broaden your equity and diversity initiatives beyond gender and race 
  • How to objectively analyze your own recruitment and promotion practices
  • Practical action steps and research-based resources to help you achieve sustainable change in your organization 
  • Resources for expanding access to opportunities from hiring, to learning and development, and beyond 

We can partner with you to help provide your employees equitable access to opportunities to shift mindsets, behaviors, and practices toward more inclusive teams and organizations. Learn more about ouEquity, Diversity & Inclusion solutions today. Or, explore CCL Passport™, our all-access solution to our world-class, research-based content. 

About the Presenters

Michelle Schneider

Michelle Schneider
Evaluation Faculty, Societal Advancement
Center for Creative Leadership

Michelle Schneider is part of our Societal Advancement’s Insights & Impact Group where she serves as Evaluation Faculty, helping to design and deliver evaluation services to measure the impact of our work on nonprofit leaders, their organizations, and the communities they serve. She has led work in the nonprofit sector for 20 years in various capacities, including as executive director, board member, and external evaluator. Michelle is passionate about helping nonprofits better deliver on their missions through investing in their internal talent and leaders. She has a MA in nonprofit leadership and management from the University of San Diego and a BA in human service studies from Cornell University. Michelle is currently working on a PhD in leadership studies with a focus on nonprofit and philanthropic leadership.

Marcia Dawkins

Marcia Dawkins
Senior Research Scientist 
Center for Creative Leadership

Marcia A. Dawkins, PhD is a Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Creative Leadership. Her current research focuses on promoting equitable and inclusive organizational cultures through strategic communication. Her perspectives have been featured in media outlets such as BBC World, NPR, AOL Originals, ABC News, HuffPo Live, and a number of podcasts. Prior to joining CCL, Marcia was a communication professor at the University of Southern California, corporate educator, and columnist.

Stephanie Wormington

Stephanie Wormington
Former Director of Global Strategic Research and Senior Research Scientist
Center for Creative Leadership

Stephanie is a researcher with a background in developmental and educational psychology. Her research at CCL focused primarily on promoting equitable and inclusive organizational cultures, exploring collective leadership through networks, and enhancing motivation and empowerment for leaders across their professional journeys.

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