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It’s You, Not Them: Why Emerging Leaders Need Your Support to Succeed

Research: What Emerging Leaders Need to Succeed

What Would Your Organization Look Like If Emerging Leaders Felt Fully Supported?

Recruiting and retaining talented employees is critical to organizational success. Unfortunately, though, it’s harder to do today than ever before. With increasing globalization and digital fluency, emerging leaders are free to explore a broader range of opportunities. But they’re also faced with upheaval both on the job and personal front — from the challenges of working from home during a global pandemic to the struggles involved in finding their voice in an increasingly diverse and divided society.

To develop a deeper understanding of emerging leaders and their concerns, our research team partnered with 2 global leadership organizations — Y20, the youth forum of the G20, and the Asia Europe Foundation — to conduct a broad, ongoing study that includes initial data from more than 10,000 Gen Z and Millennials ages 18 to 30. An additional 6,000 responses have followed to date.

Participants come from more than 20 countries around the globe and reflect varying social identities and work experiences. The multi-method research project includes quantitative surveys with 10,000+ young leaders, in-depth interviews with 20+ young leaders, and working sessions with Y20 delegates.

The basis of the study explores the following questions:

  • What is the current state of leadership and empowerment among young adults?
  • Why do younger people choose to engage (or not engage) in leadership roles?
  • How can those in positions of power create opportunities for young adults to explore leadership opportunities?

What Our Study on Emerging Leaders Reveals

Our study explores the “whys.” Why do some young people aspire to leadership while others avoid it? Why are some able to take on increasingly greater leadership roles while others are not? The data we’ve collected through surveys and interviews points to 3 strategies that can help your organization attract, retain, and support emerging leaders — building the skills critical to success.

Download Research Report

Download the report now to learn the 3 research-based strategies your organization can implement to support emerging leaders.

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August 26, 2021
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