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Earlier this year we offered advice in a white paper about how to respond to the COVID crisis in the short-term and how to prepare for what would be needed next to achieve long-term success. Now, months later, there is hope for a vaccine but no clear answer on when the world will return to normal, whatever the new normal might be.

In this webinar, we reprise the advice to take care of your people, your stakeholders, and the future, while addressing what’s changed. While we’re still in the midst of the storm, it’s clear that digital communication will be a larger part of our businesses and our lives, resilience will be required to achieve long-term success, organizations will need to evolve their culture to align with the effects the pandemic has had on their people and customers, and deep change for many will no longer be a choice but an imperative. Finally, on an optimistic note, we urge you to begin thinking now about how you will deal with the pent up demand for your product and services in a post-COVID world. The worst may not be over but there will be a bright future for those who survive and position themselves to bounce back.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How companies are experimenting with taking digital transformation farther than they ever imagined
  • CCL’s latest thinking on how to build the resilience you need as a leader and in your organization to get through what still lies ahead
  • What’s required for a company to fully recover from a serious downturn
  • How to start thinking about your priorities for the next 6 months, since what you do now will be critical for your long-term success
You can also learn more by accessing our white paper, Reset Your Organization for the Post-COVID Future with Creative Leadership
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About The Presenters

Elisa Mallis
Managing Director and Vice President, Asia-Pacific APAC
Center for Creative Leadership

Elisa Mallis is the Managing Director and Vice President, Asia-Pacific at the Center for Creative Leadership. In her role, she leads CCL’s efforts in SE Asia, India, North Asia, and Australia to accelerate the leadership development and results of clients throughout the region, from multi-national corporations and government agencies to domestic organizations, while also contributing significantly to CCL’s global research agenda. Elisa has over 20 years of experience as a business leader with a focus on transformational change, human capital strategy, and sales and marketing. She has spent 14 of those years based in Asia (Beijing, Sydney, and Singapore). Prior to joining CCL Elisa served as Mainland China Director and Head of Executive Development for Management Development Services (MDS), a talent development firm focused on Greater China.

William Pasmore
Senior Vice President
Center for Creative Leadership

William (Bill) Pasmore is the Senior Vice President and Advisor to CEOs, Boards, and Senior Teams at the Center for Creative Leadership. In this role, Bill leads CCL’s efforts to help clients develop leadership strategies that their organizations can use to transform their leadership cultures and capabilities. Before joining CCL, Bill was a partner in the Corporate Learning & Organizational Development Practice of the consulting firm Oliver Wyman Delta. As a thought leader in the field of organization development, Bill has published 25 books and numerous articles, including The Board’s New Roles in Succession Planning, How to Make Sure Your Next CEO is a Winner, Choosing the Best Next CEO, Designing Effective Organizations, Creating Strategic Change, Research in Organization Change and Development, and Relationships that Enable Enterprise Change.

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