Learn Leadership Skills Online and Transform Without Travel

Learn Leadership Skills Online and Transform Without Travel

Online Learning for Leaders on the Front Lines

Even in today’s digital world, live instructor-led training remains the gold standard for development. That being said, online learning can offer exceptional benefits when traveling for training just isn’t an option.

Thanks to improvements in technology, online leadership training can be an effective tool to help leaders continue to develop skills without having to ever leave their office or home. It can also connect geographically dispersed teams and allow participants to collaborate and grow together.

This learn-from-anywhere capability is especially important during the current coronavirus pandemic when travel is restricted, budgets are leaner, and social distancing is a reality for most.

The average number of hours worked in a week continues to rise every year. Leaders are also experiencing more change at a faster rate than ever before, which usually means spending even more time on the clock, both in the office and at home. Squeezing in time for development is difficult, and organizations often skimp on investing in training for managers, supervisors, and individual contributors at the lower leader levels.

Yet these first-level managers are typically an organization’s largest group of leaders, often almost 40% of the leadership population. In fact, fully 60% of frontline managers report they’ve never received any training for their first leadership role.

Investing in these leaders from the beginning is critically important to set them up for success, and by extension, to pave the way for the success of your entire organization.

Our research has identified 6 key skills that frontline managers need:

  • Self-awareness,
  • Learning agility,
  • Communication,
  • Political savvy,
  • Influencing outcomes, and
  • Motivating others.

We’ve found that leaders who are able to harness and develop these skills are more effective, less likely to derail during times of crisis, and more likely to advance to middle and even upper-management jobs. They are the foundation of your organization’s everyday operations and fill your leadership pipeline for the future.

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Learn Leadership Skills Online and Minimize Work Disruption

Time and resources are both precious commodities. That’s why we developed our Frontline Leader Impact program as a way to deliver scalable, powerful leadership development for this population of leaders in just 30 minutes a day. Over the course of 6 weeks, participants can focus on building the most crucial leadership skills they need to be successful, without having to leave their office, home, or daily responsibilities.

This digital learning initiative can help you transform without travel. It can strengthen your individual leaders, while at the same time help you to change your organizational culture, improve employee engagement and performance, and increase retention.

Plus, participants who experience extended learning over a course of time are able to easily apply new skills to their everyday routines – giving them the opportunity to witness firsthand how the information they’ve learned will benefit them personally. Learning in this way ultimately improves sustainability and ROI for the initiative. The infographic below tells the story of how this 6-week online learning program allows participants to learn leadership skills online and transform without travel:

As shown here:

  • 90% of participants found Frontline Leader Impact easy to access and navigate; and
  • 99% of participants said the course had a positive impact on their leadership skills.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Set your frontline managers up for success and help them learn leadership skills online with a program that equips them with the critical skills they need to lead. Learn more about Frontline Leader Impact now.

March 19, 2020
Leading Effectively Staff
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