(Better) Leadership: Resources for Leading With Compassion, Wellbeing & Belonging

(Better) Leadership: Resources for Leading With Compassion, Wellbeing & Belonging

Leadership isn’t what it used to be. Turnover, burnout, and exclusion persist after the pandemic, and the ways we work have shifted.

As the world changes, leadership must change too — because healthy organizational cultures start with individual managers, who set the tone for their teams.

And if you see a gap between the culture you have and the culture you want, focus on leaders — because while good leadership has gotten you this far, it can’t get your organization where it needs to go next. But better leadership will.

Better leaders build more collaborative and effective teams. They support more resilient and innovative organizations. And better leadership doesn’t just impact workplace culture — it starts to transform communities, and even the world.

Moving Towards (Better) Leadership ResourcesThis extensive collection of complimentary, downloadable, research-based leadership resources offers specific, actionable tips and insights to help leaders evolve from good to better:

  • First, better leadership starts with compassion. While a good leader responds with empathy, a better leader creates a level playing field for the team. They take time to understand someone’s strengths, challenges, and even hardships. By recognizing the whole person in context, leaders can take productive actions to support their teams, help people feel psychologically safe, and remove roadblocks in their way.
  • It also includes a focus on employee wellbeing, a need that has become increasingly important with employee burnout and isolation on the rise. Better leaders create an environment where everyone can feel good about themselves and their work. And while there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, there are clear steps leaders can take to support wellbeing — both for themselves and for others.
  • And finally, it’s about building belonging at work. When everyone feels included consistently, they hold back less. They give more back. They’re more willing to take risks and ask for help, even through personal shortcomings and organizational shifts. When everyone feels that they belong, talent better leveraged, and organizations are more innovative and resilient.

As we shared at our event, Towards (Better) Leadership: Centering Compassion, Wellbeing & Belonging, our research and decades of experience tell us that these 3 pillars are key — they can make or break teams and entire organizations. And the good news is, leaders can influence all of them. Combined, focusing on these 3 things takes leaders from good to better, and they’re powerful tools to unlock productivity, improve collaboration, increase innovation, and support engagement and retention at every level of your organization.

Download our better leadership resources today to learn exactly why — and how — to focus on leading with compassion, wellbeing, and belonging at the forefront.

Download (Better) Leadership Resources for You & Your Organization

With over 30 pages of insights on (better) leadership gleaned from our research, plus team discussion questions and actionable tips for managers, this collection of leadership resources is your guide to understanding the importance of compassion, wellbeing, and belonging at work. Use it to help yourself, your team, and your organization — become better.

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May 2, 2023
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