Wellbeing Leadership Training

Leading Wellbeing at Work

Enable your people leaders to create environments where others thrive.

Are you or the people in your organization burned out, stressed, or caught in a culture of overwork and constant “busy-ness”? Do your employee engagement surveys suggest low morale, job satisfaction, or intention to stay?

Consider whether your leaders are a part of the problem or the solution. People are essential to organizational performance, productivity, culture, innovation, and collaboration. And people leaders can — and should — be helping others in your organization to thrive. Managers have a duty to help create work environments where others can be well.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce costs due to stress and burnout, boost morale, and increase performance and productivity, reconsider spending yet more resources on perks and self-care solutions that only some employees know about or even use. A more sustainable investment is research-based wellbeing leadership training for managers that equips them to create environments where people at your organization can thrive and flourish, because if you don’t invest in taking care of your people, your organization will suffer.

Leading with wellbeing at work: It’s not just good for humans, it’s good for business.

Support Your Organization With Wellbeing at Work Training

Support the Health & Wellbeing of Your Workforce 

Enhance workplace wellbeing for your entire workforce with wellbeing leadership training for people leaders that promotes taking brain breaks, embracing energy peaks, practicing strategic attention, reframing thoughts, and promoting positivity.

We offer workplace wellbeing training modules in 6 different areas. Include one or more of these in any custom leadership development engagement. Each Leading Wellbeing at Work training module is evidence-based and related to specific leadership and organizational outcomes — including increased employee motivation, commitment, retention, job satisfaction, innovation, and performance. These 6 keys to wellbeing are each available as a standalone module that can be mixed and matched with other leadership topics, or can be delivered all together in a one-day training on leading wellbeing at work:

  • Purpose: the perception that one’s life and work are meaningful and serve a greater objective
  • Growth: ongoing development and learning to realize potential
  • Health: an outcome, a state of being, and a resource for living that allows people to function and participant in work and life
  • Agency: a perception of control over one’s actions and their consequences
  • Connection: involves forming and maintaining healthy and strong interpersonal relationships
  • Resilience: the ability to positively adapt and grow in response to challenges

Each module in this wellbeing at work course includes tools that are practiced in-session and can immediately be applied back at work.

We Can Deliver Our Leading Wellbeing at Work Training

Or, we can incorporate our wellbeing leadership training course module(s) into a larger development initiative for your organization:

  • Customize a wellbeing at work training for leaders at your organization so that managers know how to create environments where those around them thrive
  • Combine with other topic modules and interactive experiences for a transformational learning journey
  • Equip leaders to enhance their own resilience and energy, resulting in more effective leadership and promoting wellbeing at work at scale 
  • Create conditions for peak performance with access to our research-based, self-paced online resilience course

What Our Clients Are Saying

Organizations and alumni who have partnered with us for workplace wellbeing training and developing leaders’ resilience consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with our resilience training made a significant impact on their skills and culture — and their bottom line.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs.

“This resilience course is designed for all occupations. It helps employees realize their burnout points and how to adapt to prevent them from extinguishing them completely.”

Erik Skoog

Territory Manager
ZOLL Medical Corporation

“[The wellbeing leadership] training program was a succinct and effective opportunity to pause, take stock, and implement changes to improve resiliency. I especially appreciated the ‘small steps’ approach to increase the likelihood of longer-term habits / success.”

Jennifer Trock

Baker McKenzie

Let’s Discuss Leading Wellbeing at Work Training for Your Organization

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Wellbeing Leadership Training: Research & Resources

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Self-care and resilience are important, but not enough alone. Learn how leaders can support true employee wellbeing, and why that helps strengthen the fabric of the entire organizational culture.

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Watch this webinar to discover how leaders have the power and responsibility to foster work environments that support learning and wellbeing, and how that increases employee engagement, performance, and retention.

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