Leading Through Change & Disruption

Leading Through Change Is About People, Not Just Processes

Move beyond “change management” — for results that matter, focus on change leadership.

Successful change is one of the biggest problems modern organizations face. In our fast-changing world, the strategic imperative to change is often clear: Without doing things differently, your company is unlikely to succeed, or even last.

But change-management research has demonstrated time after time that organizational change initiatives fail more often than they succeed, despite the resources put into creating change management processes.

While formal change processes might be well understood, too many leaders neglect the all-important human side of change. The most effective leaders devote considerable effort to engaging everyone involved in the change. They also are mindful that people need time to adapt to change — no matter how fast-moving the change initiative.

Effective change leadership is about leading people, not just processes. Successful change leaders can’t focus exclusively on results — they must support employees by removing personal and professional barriers to their success.

Influence is a key skill for leading through change. Leaders need to gain not only compliance but also the commitment necessary to drive change. They also need to establish “buy-in” from stakeholders to ensure a successful outcome.

Successful change leaders never assume they have all the answers. They ask lots of questions throughout the change and make continual adjustments.

Upskill Your Team’s Ability to Lead Through Change

Focus on Change Leadership Skills to Elicit Buy-in and Create Alignment

The primary success factor for leading through change is employee buy-in. Our change leadership programs, change management workshops, and leading through change trainings emphasize communication, collaboration, and commitment so your leaders can align their team, peers, boss, and organization with their change efforts.

  • Explore and manage your own change preferences.
  • Understand and recognize the process of change and transition.
  • Identify and collaborate with stakeholders during change.
  • Apply key lessons to any organizational change challenge.

Help your organization navigate change successfully by equipping your team with skills and knowledge to present the change effort in a way that others can embrace. We can deliver our world-class, research-backed change leadership content to them — or you can.

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We can equip your facilitators to deliver a change management workshop or internal leading through change training, either online or in person, whichever you prefer:

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Organizations who have partnered with us to upskill their people’s ability to lead through change consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with CCL made a significant impact on their culture — and their bottom line.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs.

“Because of the fast growth in the organization, we needed to come together as a community. We used the formal leaders on the steering committee, but then we bolstered that with the people who showed up as influencers. I have no doubt that the network analysis helped the process of change tremendously.”

Duke University School of Nursing

Marion E. Broome

Duke University School of Nursing

Yara International sought to transition from a “rules and enforcement” mentality to a “value driven” approach. Yara turned to CCL for help assessing the compliance culture and then changing it to something that better suited the company’s evolving needs.

Yara International logo

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Our Research-Backed Perspective on Leading Through Change

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Understanding the stages employees go through during a transition leads to faster and more productive change efforts. Watch this webinar to learn how to recognize the process of transition and understand the 3 C’s of leading yourself and others through change.

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