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Change and Disruption Require Resilience-Building Skills

Developing resilience helps individuals and organizations manage their energy and perform at their best.

People today are experiencing extremely high levels of stress in the workplace. Organizations are trying to do more with less, further increasing employee workloads.

In both our professional and personal lives, changes seem to come at lightning speed — and our resilience is tested more than ever.

Resilience is our ability to bounce back from adversity. It’s what allows us to recover from change or hardship, whether in the workplace or life more generally.

In fact, leaders are discovering the impact of pushing themselves and their teams harder than ever: health and well-being suffer. And burnout seems inevitable.

As a leader, you need to learn how to ensure both high performance AND sustainable well-being for yourself and your people.

If disruption and uncertainty are testing your ability to bounce back, there are steps you can take to advance and thrive.

By modifying your thoughts and actions, you can change your views, habits, and responses. Not only will that help to broaden your own outlook and build resilient leadership, it will also inspire your team to become more adaptable.

And developing resilience isn’t just important for individuals. Building organizational resilience has become an indispensable capability for success in this volatile environment. Leaders are on a quest to build organizations that can not just survive, but grow, in this age of unprecedented change.

We can work together to build your organization’s capacity to successfully respond to change and disruption.

Building a More Resilient Team & Organization

Manage Stress and Bounce Back From Adversity by Developing Resilience

Build teams of engaged, motivated, and recharged leaders with these 4 resilience-building steps:

  • Understand the importance of resilience and energy in effective leadership.
  • Explore a wide range of recharge/resilience techniques.
  • Connect with fellow leaders who are experiencing similar challenges.
  • Develop short but impactful resilience rituals and routines that take up just 2% of the day, fend off burnout, and address specific personal challenges.

Help your individual leaders as well as your organization itself develop resilience. We can deliver our world-class, research-backed resilience-building content to them — or you can.

You Can Deliver Our Resilience-Building Content, Or We Can

You Deliver

We can equip your facilitators to deliver a workshop or internal training on developing resilience either online or in person, whichever you prefer:

License This Content

Let’s talk about leveraging this proven leadership program content in a custom development initiative at your organization

We Deliver

Or, we can incorporate resilience-building as part of a larger leadership development initiative for your organization:

Custom Leadership Training Module

Combine with other topic modules and interactive experiences into a customized learning journey for your leaders

Leadership Program: The Resilience Advantage

Support your individual leaders and create conditions for peak performance by providing access to our online resilience course — a practical, scientific, and application-based approach to developing resilience

What Our Clients Are Saying

Organizations who have partnered with us to upskill their ability to develop resilience consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with CCL made a significant impact on their culture — and their bottom line.

“It is rare that a leadership concept can grip an organization in such a powerful way and deliver game-changing results. We applied the learnings and approach presented in the ‘Work Without Stress’ workshops and saw an immediate and positive impact on our team. Throughout the company, our leaders lead with a renewed sense of self-awareness and tangible skills to become more agile and resilient in the face of change, complexity, and challenge. Resilience can be learned; we are proof of that! We are now better equipped to consistently work smarter and add greater value.”

Bill Way
President & CEO
Southwestern Energy

Learning to Build a Resilient Culture in the Workplace

“The Burn Bright program was a succinct and effective opportunity to pause, take stock, and implement changes to improve resiliency. I especially appreciated the “small steps” approach to increase the likelihood of longer-term habits/success.”

Jennifer Trock
Baker McKenzie

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Developing Resilience: Research & Resources

vector image of man walking on ECG line representing the human energy crisis in the workplace

The Human Energy Crisis: The Call for Greater Resilience

The 2020 pandemic revealed just how critical organizational resilience is to surviving and thriving. In this webinar you’ll learn how HR leaders are forging best practices to implement an environment that develops individual and organizational resilience.


Other Topics Related to Resilience-Building

Package our research-backed resilience-building content with other proven leadership development topics and solutions for a customized, scalable solution perfect for your organization’s unique needs, context, and culture. Related topics include:

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