How to Scale Development Opportunities for Employees to Prepare for the Future

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About the Webinar

Leading virtual teams, navigating staffing issues, managing broken supply chains, keeping people safe while keeping the business going — these are all challenges leaders are facing right now, along with ongoing personal disruptions and stressors. When the present is so unpredictable, planning your next move (or development opportunities for employees) can feel like trying to play a game without the rulebook. But it also brings the opportunity to adapt and find new ways of doing things that can set your organization and your talent up for success both now and in the future.

As you look to support and develop your leadership pipeline for the current uncertainty and the future world of work, the strategies and experiences that you’ve used before cannot simply be reinstated or revived. Instead, your development opportunities for employees should be reimagined in order to reach more leaders where they are, and prepare them to succeed in the changed and changing world we find ourselves in now. Seize this moment to make leadership development an opportunity for all.

What You’ll Learn

This webinar addresses the 5 key considerations that will help L&D professionals create more development opportunities for employees, reimagine the future of their leadership development solutions to reach and serve all leaders, and prepare their organization to succeed in a diverse and ever-changing world. Specifically, it covers these recommendations:

  1. Design learning to be accessible for all. Development opportunities for employees that are all-virtual reduce geographic barriers, allowing equal participation from anywhere with a stable internet connection.
  2. Make it relevant. Build development around the challenges your leaders are facing and those that are likely in their future (the pace of change isn’t likely to slow down).
  3. Leverage live online formats. Hosting learning live online is not just a “good enough” fallback when face-to-face is not possible; it is a lifeline for leaders struggling to lead virtual and hybrid teams.
  4. Be intentional about every touchpoint. Select every element to drive learning outcomes in the digital space, not to align to a face-to-face design.
  5. Leverage formal, social, and experience-based learning. Use formal leadership development to help leaders derive learning from their real-world leadership experiences and connect to others to create sustainable social learning networks. 

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About the Presenters

Karissa McKenna

Karissa McKenna
Global Portfolio Lead
Center for Creative Leadership

Karissa is the product manager and a lead designer of the Center for Creative Leadership’s flagship Leadership Development Program. She designs, manages, and facilitates solutions globally that optimize learning modalities to reach more leaders, helping them to address today’s challenges and prepare for success in a future of continuous disruption.

Mary Abraham

Mary Abraham
Senior Director, Programs & Products 
Center for Creative Leadership

Mary is the Senior Director of Programs & Products at CCL. Mary utilizes her unique blend of skills in technology and business to propel CCL’s digital products business, including the launching of CCL Passport™. Her team is responsible for CCL’s portfolio of programs and products, bringing the highest quality, transformational experiences to clients through Open Enrollment leadership programs, Benchmarks® 360 assessments, licensable and digital programs, publications, and facilitation tools. Mary also serves as a mentor for CCL’s Women’s Technical Leadership Program.

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