Facilitator Qualification Form

Required for Facilitating Our Skillscope® 360 Assessment

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)® has established qualification guidelines for using our Skillscope® 360 assessment instrument. Our intent is to ensure its appropriate use by professionals who are trained and experienced in 360 feedback facilitation delivery. Therefore, completion of this form does not guarantee qualification to administer feedback on Skillscope®.

Completion and approval of this form are prerequisites to receiving feedback reports from CCL. You may submit this form online using the fields below, or in hard copy by printing out the Facilitator Qualification Form (PDF) and submitting it by mail or fax as indicated on the form. If you have questions regarding any of the required information, please contact us for assistance.

Assessment Resources for Facilitators

Upon approval of your request, you’ll receive access to our Assessment Resources site, which includes a user’s guide, presentation templates, and sample Skillscope® feedback reports.

For a more thorough orientation to 360 leadership assessments and facilitation, consider taking our Assessment Certification Course, or partnering with us to offer a custom assessment facilitation workshop for your organization — contact us to discuss options.

Policy on Use of Feedback Data

Our goal is to improve the quality of leadership through research, education, and the dissemination of knowledge. As part of our effort, we gather data on organizations and people. We have a very strong commitment to protect the rights, privacy, and dignity of every person who participates in a data collection activity. Therefore, to use our assessment instrument, you must adhere to the following statements. (Check each one as read:)