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We’re committed to developing strong leaders to make the world a better place. Part of that commitment means protecting your information. And part of it means protecting our own information. The policies listed below help us ensure we can achieve these goals and follow all applicable laws.

If you’ve registered for one of our leadership development programs and need to cancel your registration or transfer to another session, this policy describes the fees and conditions that apply.

Cookies can help you get the best experience from a website. This policy explains what cookies are, the different types of cookies, how we use them, and — most importantly — how you can control them.

We’re committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. This policy explains how we protect your personal information, including compliance with GDPR and the American Psychological Association’s code of ethics.

Many of the products we’ve created are unique, and we’ve trademarked them. We also offer products trademarked by other companies. If you’re writing about our products, please refer to this page to see what we’ve trademarked.

We publish original books, white papers, and articles about leadership development. If you’d like to republish part of our work and cite it accordingly, please use the form on this page to request our permission. 

By using this website, you’re agreeing to our Terms of Use. These terms cover the way you use our websites, online services, mobile and web applications, and any other information we provide.

This policy explains the legal terms and conditions that apply to the tools and services we offer, such as leadership development courses and programs, assessments and surveys, and coaching.

We have one of the world’s largest leadership assessment databases. If you’d like to reproduce our assessment content for research purposes, we require you to complete a form and submit a proposal.

We offer workshop kits that you can use to facilitate our content without needing certification. This agreement explains the ways you can (and can’t) use our licensed leadership development content.

Federal Healthcare Transparency Requirements

The federal Transparency in Coverage rules require health plan sponsors to provide pricing disclosures via separate sets of machine-readable files (MRFs) posted on a public website. The intent of this aspect of the federal transparency rules is to make public the financial arrangements in place between health plans and providers. These MRFs are not for participant use, but rather the files are designed to be read by a computer system and are intended to be available for researchers and policy makers to have access to health plan costs nationally on an aggregate basis. Our third-party administrators have the information needed to compile the data and create these MRFs, and they will update the MRFs at least monthly. View machine readable files for the CCL Health Plan.