Cancellation & Transfer Policy

Before a program begins, we incur substantial administrative costs related to your registration. Therefore, if you must change or cancel your registration, the following fees apply: (**See below for exceptions.)

Number of Days Before Program Substitutions Allowed Transfer Fee Cancellation Fee
More than 30 days Yes (no fee) None None
15 – 30 days Yes (no fee) 25% of tuition 50% of tuition
14 days or less No 50% of tuition 100% of tuition

Transfers: Transfer requests must indicate the new date and/or new program the participant wishes to attend. Tuition will become 100% non-refundable if a participant transfers more than 2 times or does not attend another program within 6 months of the original program start date.

Refunds: Any remaining balance of a cancelled program’s payment can be applied to another CCL program within 6 months of the original program date. After 6 months, the balance is non-refundable.

**Exceptions to These Policies

The above policies apply to all our leadership programs, with the following exceptions: 

  • For APAC Leadership at the Peak programs in Singapore only
    • If More Than 30 Days Until Program: Same as noted in table above.
    • If Less Than 30 Days Until Program: No substitutions are allowed. Transfer fee: 50% of tuition. Cancellation fee: 100% of tuition.
  • For Assessment Certification Course and CCL Boost™ for New Leaders:
    • No Substitutions After Login Issued:Enrollment and name changes are not permitted after purchase and login credentials have been issued. A substitution request may be honored only if the course login has not been accessed. Contact us to submit a request.
    • No Refunds After Login Used: No refunds will be permitted after logging into the Assessment Certification Course or CCL Boost™ for New Leaders and accessing CCL’s intellectual property.