Trademark Information

CCL Trademarks

Assessment – Challenge – Support (ACS)™
Awareness Program for Executive Excellence (APEX)®
Benchmarks® by Design™
Benchmarks® for Executives™
Benchmarks® for Learning Agility™
Benchmarks® for Managers™
Better Conversations Every Day™
Beyond Bias™
CCL Boost™
CCL Fusion (always include CCL in front, and no ™)
CCL Compass™
CCL Passport™
Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)®
Center for Creative Leadership®
Direction – Alignment – Commitment (DAC)™
Experience Explorer™
KEYS® to Creativity
LACE™ Toolkit
Lead 4 Success®
Lead It Yourself™
Leadership Development Program (LDP)® (only OE program that’s trademarked, but only when written like this)
Leadership Explorer™
Leadership Gap Indicator™
Leadership Metaphor Explorer™
Listen to Understand™
Looking Glass, Inc.®
Looking Glass®
Peak Selection Simulation™ (PSS™)
SCRIPt™ Toolkit
Situation – Behavior – Impact (SBI)™
Talent Portfolio Agility™
Values Explorer™
Visual Explorer®
Wisdom Explorer™

Other Trademarks

Campbell™ Development Surveys, CLI® (Campbell™ Leadership Index), CISS® (Campbell™ Interest and Skill Survey), TLP™ (Campbell-Hallam™ Team Leader Profile), TDS™ (Campbell-Hallam™ Team Development Survey), and COS™ (Campbell™ Organizational Survey) are trademarks owned by David P. Campbell, Ph.D.

COLAB® is a registered trademark owned by James S. Bruce.

FedEx® is a registered trademark of Federal Express Corporation.

MANUS® is a registered trademark owned by MANUS Associates.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument (MBTI® instrument) is a registered trademark owned by Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.

PLASCO® is a registered trademark owned by MANUS Associates.

Prospector® is a registered trademark owned by Morgan W. McCall, Jr., Gretchen M. Spreitzer, and Joan Mahoney.

RADMIS® is a registered trademark owned by Discovery Learning.

Star Trek® is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures.

SYMLOG® is a registered trademark owned by SYMLOG Consulting Group.

Values Technology® is a trademark owned by Values Technology.

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