Accountability & Leadership

Leadership Accountability Requires Taking Ownership of Your Responsibility

Build a culture that empowers employees to own their decisions.

How can our leaders be accountable in an environment where we are asked to “do more with less,” influence without authority, and manage a virtual team across the globe, all of whom report up through organizations with their own goals and agendas?

The challenge for organizations is that accountability is intrinsic. People have to choose — for themselves — to take ownership and be accountable.

But accountability can flourish in the right environment.

If you want answerable people, you need to create the conditions that encourage people to fully own their decisions.

This begins with acknowledging and removing unnecessary fear within your organizational culture.

Fear can cause people to hide, hold back, and do only the minimum of what is expected to avoid accountability and leadership. It can lead to aggressiveness, anger, micromanaging, defensiveness, lack of engagement, and victim behavior.

Reducing this fear starts with trust. Earn it by being competent in the work, knowing when to communicate openly and when to keep things in confidence, and following through on what you say you will do.

Upskill Your Team With Accountability Training

Improve Results by Building Shared Understanding

Enhancing leadership accountability is simple when your team understands and shares these strategies for understanding when to commit and when to get clarification.

  • Assess the effectiveness of their mindset, attitude, and skills regarding accountability.
  • Use leadership accountability training tools to distinguish how the tasks they are accountable for are prioritized to meet group, team, or department goals.
  • Increase personal accountability for obligations and the people accountable to them by applying the principles of our accountability culture model.

Help your team step up to ownership at your organization by equipping them with these leadership accountability skills. We can deliver our world-class, research-backed leadership accountability training and content to them — or you can.

You Can Deliver Our Leadership Accountability Training and Content, or We Can

You Deliver

We can equip your facilitators to deliver a workshop or internal accountability training, either online or in person, whichever you prefer:

Access everything your internal HR or team leaders need to upskill your people by holding a leadership workshop on this topic 

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Or, we can incorporate leadership accountability training as part of a larger leadership development initiative for your organization:

Combine with other topic modules and interactive experiences into a customized learning journey for your leaders

Our highly personalized leadership programs prepare leaders to address common challenges with leadership accountability

What Our Clients Are Saying

Organizations who have partnered with us to upskill their people’s leadership accountability skills consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with CCL made a significant impact on their culture — and their bottom line.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs.

“I needed to let go of control and trust my leadership team to be more responsible and accountable. I felt I had to absorb all the responsibility. Rather than empowering my team, I was micromanaging them. They felt I didn’t trust them, and I felt like I needed to be in control of everything. After CCL, I realized this was something I could change so we could be more successful as a team.”

Joy Romero

VP, Advanced Aero-Solutions Division
Vought Aircraft Industries

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Our Research-Backed Perspective on Leadership Accountability

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Leaders are often held accountable for developing others, but may not know how to do it well. Coaching others is key for leaders. Strengthen these 4 conversational skills, and you’ll coach people more effectively.

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