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Recommended Insights

Leadership Analytics

Optimize ROI for Your Talent Development Initiatives

Maximize the impact of investments in your people by partnering with us for leadership development and evaluation.

Today’s pace of change and rapid technological advances have created an environment where data-driven decisions are the lifeblood of business. Analytics are used to help organizations uncover opportunities, set priorities, define important challenges, and create competitive advantage.

Outcomes of all business functions improve when data is used to prioritize investment opportunities, assess successful execution, and measure ROI. Yet when it comes to HR, Talent Management, and Learning & Development, that data-based approach is too often missing.

Our leadership development and evaluation experts can help your organization unlock the power of your people data, so you make more informed, effective investments in your most important asset — your talent.

Using the latest analytics techniques, our team of data scientists can help you identify key drivers of success and answer 3 critical questions: What leader, team, and organizational levers matter most to improving my business outcomes? What’s the predicted impact of investing in and improving those levers? And what actions should our organization prioritize first?

Leadership Analytics Can Help You Close the Gap Between Priorities & Performance

Is your organization connecting business priorities and investments in people to meaningful outcomes?

Our team of leadership analytics researchers and data scientists can help. We’ll partner with you to take a deep dive into your priorities and culture to help you identify the drivers of high performance, understand important network dependencies, pinpoint talent risks, see impacts, benchmark against industry norms, and estimate the short- and long-term return on your development investments.

Using a variety of data sources such as employee engagement assessments, culture surveys, network connections analysis, and 360-degree feedback, we can create prescriptive models to help you understand what matters most to improving your business outcomes.

Evaluating the Impact of Leadership Development Investments for Continuous Improvement

How can your organization show that you’re creating results that matter? Our Insights & Impact team asks smart questions to uncover what’s most important to your organization —and then apply proven development techniques to deliver and measure the right results.

Our team has deep expertise in leadership development and evaluation research methodologies and can work with you to identify key metrics, measure impact, engage stakeholders, share success stories, and develop evidence-based action plans that deliver sustainable returns.

Partner with our leadership evaluation experts to connect the dots, uncover new insights, and optimize ROI for your initiatives so your investments produce lasting, meaningful results for your organization.

Leadership Analytics & Evaluation: Choose the Solution That’s Right for You

CCL Fusion

You know how crucial your leadership team is to your success, so how much have you invested in them? And perhaps more importantly, how much are those investments paying off?

We can help you connect the dots between your leader competencies, team dynamics, company culture, and strategic business outcomes. With CCL Fusion, our leading-edge predictive analytics tool for HR, you’ll use data to adopt development and retention strategies that deliver the biggest payoff; monitor progress, evaluate impact, and make informed course corrections; motivate and align your executive team; and hold leaders at all levels accountable for results.

Our expert knowledge of leadership competencies, combined with your organization’s data, can create the success playbook for achieving your organizational goals.

Team Analytics

Understanding the hidden networks between team members and “teams of teams” reveals the strengths and opportunities to create more effective, collaborative, inclusive organization.

Our leadership analytics experts can perform a network connections analysis to help you visualize and understand these hidden networks and their impact on the organization’s strategic challenges.

Build purposeful connections between leaders and among teams. Using our insights, you’ll be equipped to detect overloaded employees slowing down workflows; recognize team members who foster or inhibit change; identify how team structures and interactions do (or don’t) reflect organizational equity, diversity, and inclusion goals; and better understand how innovation happens at your organization.

Leadership Development & Evaluation Services

An effective leadership development program can transform an organization. But how do you know if your initiatives are really working?

Let our experts in evaluating the impact of leadership development help you identify key metrics, engage stakeholders, assess ROI, and deepen your understanding of outcomes. We can uncover the contextual factors that strengthen or inhibit impact, and determine how each program component is performing and how it can be refined.

Our team of PhD and Master’s-level specialists are experienced in evaluation design and reporting, and both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. We offer a state-of-the-art platform for data collection, analysis, and reporting, with dashboards for ready access to metrics and key insights.

What Our Clients Are Saying

At CCL, we measure success by lives touched and impact made. That’s why the organizations we work with and the leaders we transform consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us is a game-changer. We’ve helped organizations around the globe use leadership analytics and evaluation data to drive business results.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs.

Duke University School of Nursing
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“Leadership development is a driving force behind our success at RPM. Predictive analytics have helped us manage and evaluate our leadership journey and move our businesses forward. We are now implementing leadership initiatives we expect to pay off in coming years.”

Steve Knoop
Interim COO
RPM International Inc.

“The network analysis validated my impressions that we were an unconnected organization of ‘independent contractors’ for the most part. A new dean’s impressions do not mean much, so the ONA was really helpful for me – and for everyone else. I have no doubt that the network analysis helped the process of change tremendously.”

Marion E. Broome
Dean, Duke University School of Nursing

Leveraging Networks for Change

Meet Our Leadership Analytics & Evaluation Experts

Cheryl Flink, Ph.D.

Cheryl Flink
Global Vice President, Leadership Research & Analytics

Cheryl leads our Global Research & Evaluation and Leadership Analytics teams. These social scientists, data scientists, and statisticians help to create new scientific research advancing the field of leadership development; evaluate the impact of leadership development; apply analytics to HR and leadership data to inform business decisions; and partner in the development of new CCL products and services.

Stephen Jeong

Stephen B. Jeong
Senior Faculty

Stephen is responsible for leveraging advanced analytics to help organizations diagnose and identify levers of leadership effectiveness. He helps leverage people data to improve individual, group, and organizational performance by demonstrating how what leaders do (or don’t do) can impact mission-critical business outcomes such as sales, turnover, safety, and patient and customer satisfaction. He helps leaders understand which actions they can take to optimize their culture and impact business outcomes.

Sarah Stawiski

Sarah Stawinski
Director, Insights & Impact Group

Sarah is the director of our Insights and Impact team, which partners with clients to use data to improve programs, show evidence of impact, and achieve greater results. Her recent projects evaluating the impact of leadership development include a large-scale leadership strategy initiative in the energy sector, a multi-component program for high potential leaders at a manufacturing company, and a program for women leaders in technical roles.

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Leadership Analytics & Evaluation: Research & Resources

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